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Guidelines for Thesis Preparation


The production of a thesis should follow the following guidelines. For further details, or in case of uncertainty, please refer to the administrative assistant who organizes the defence. Researchers should send the thesis as one PDF file.

General format and layout

  • Paper format: Use the standard A4 format and set the same margins (e.g. 2.5 cm, top/bottom, right/left).
  • Size & line spacing: The text should be in 12 point character and 1.5 spaced lines. Footnotes should be in 10 point character and single spaced lines.
  • Font: Choose a commonly used font that provides a full character set, for example Times (especially when using languages other than English).
  • Tables & pictures: Insert tables, graphs and images directly where they belong in the text. Please avoid the use of colour as it may not be reproduced. Tables must be on one page, not divided across different pages.
  • Pagination:  Pages must be numbered. The final copy will be double-sided so you must ensure that blank pages are inserted where necessary in order that new chapters, sections, bibliography etc. fall on the right hand side, on an odd-numbered page.
  • Cover page: The cover and inner title pages must be set using one of the six-page Word file template (including three blank pages) and should be in the language in which the thesis is written: English, French (PhD); English (LLM). Editable sections are highlighted.
  1. The template file should be completed separately, and not attached to your thesis document (this results in lost formatting and errors);
  2. Do not overwrite the file or cancel the blank pages;
  3. Cover should state the defence date;
  4. Make a pdf of the cover and title pages, then merge it with the pdf of your thesis;
  5. Submit the resulting single pdf file.
  • Thesis summary: Insert the thesis summary (up to 300 words) after the title page and before the Table of Contents.
  • Language correction: Theses that have been submitted for language correction should specify this on the first inside page of the final version.


Page last updated on 01 August 2023

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