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Juho Härkönen

Professor of Sociology

Juho Härkonen 150xJuho Härkönen has joined the SPS Department in February 2018 as Professor of Sociology, while on leave from Stockholm University. He took his Ph.D. from the EUI in 2007, and was postdoc at Yale before moving to Stockholm in 2009. He is also visiting professor at the University of Turku. His broad research interests concern the formation of social inequalities over the life course, and he has particularly studied the causes and consequences of divorce, labour market and occupational careers, and health disparities, often from a cross-nationally comparative perspective. He is co-editor (together with Laura Bernardi, Lausanne) of Advances in Life Course Research.






































Research and supervision interests: I welcome Ph.D. proposals dealing broadly with life course research, family demography, social stratification, and health. Methodologically, I am best prepared to supervise studies using quantitative data and methods (such as event history and other demographic methods, multilevel models, growth curves, panel data, and causal designs), but I also welcome proposals for qualitative studies. 

Family demography and social inequality

I have a long-lasting interest in the interface between family demography and social inequality, and have focused particularly on the causes and consequences of separation and divorce.

Labour markets and careers

My dissertation was on the accumulation of joblessness into couples and I have later analyzed occupational stratification from a life course perspective.

Education and intergenerational stratification

I have a general interest in questions of social stratification over and within the generations, and the role of education in these processes.


I have analyzed the causes and consequences of early health and the gender health differences.

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