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Visiting Students 2009-2010



London School of Economics

15 March - 10 June, 2010

Fiscal Policy in EMU

Liaison: Sven Steinmo

(within the framework of the Exchange Pogrammes ERASMUS/US Wisconsin)


University of Konstanz

January 2010 - June 2010

Analyzing Treaty Change in an Ever Enlarged European Union (1958-2007)

Liaison: Adrienne Héritier


University of Cambridge

Immigration and Security Concerns

12 April - 18 June 2010

Liaison: Rainer Bauböck


Humboldt Unv. Berlin

February - July 2010

The European Commission at the Intersection of Science and Politics: The Interaction of Expert Influence, hierarchically shaped Poicly-Formulation and the Politics of Science - Case Studies in Climate Change Policy-Formulation

Liaison: Adrienne Héritier

(within the framework of the Exchange Pogrammes ERASMUS/US Wisconsin)

ETTE Andreas

Fed. Ins. For Population Research

May - September 2010

Mechnaisms of Europeanization: Imbalanced Impacts of European Migration Policies on Member States

Liaison: Rainer Bauböck/Adrienne Héritier

HANNIMAN Kyle Douglas

University of Wisconsin-Madison

January-May 2010

Origins and Reform of Federal Institutions; Financial Market Reactions to Federal Institutions

Liaison: Alexander H. Trechsel

(within the framework of the Exchange Pogrammes ERASMUS/US Wisconsin)


London School of Econmics

15 Jan - 15 May 2010

Explaining Institutional Change in Collective Bargaining the Cases of Banking and Telecoms across Italy and Greece

Liaison: Pepper Culpepper

(within the framework of the Exchange Pogrammes ERASMUS/US Wisconsin)

MICHELOTTI Fernando Canto

Federal University or Rio Grande So Sul 

February-June 2010

The Brazilian Health System Reform: State, Professional Organizations, and Patterns of Interest Intermediation 

Liaison: Philippe C. Schmitter

NASSHOVEN Yvonne Miriam

University of Cologne

May-October 2010

The Investiture of the European Commission. A theory-induced Analaysis of Patterns of Executive Selection in the EU

Liaison: Alexander Trechsel


University of Bremen

January-June 2010

New Form of International Cooperation in the area of EU Justice and Home Affairs - the Introduction of the PRinciple of Mutual Recognition

Liaison: Adrienne Héritier 


University of Toronto

May - June 2010

Who we are: European Integration and the Securitization of Migration in Western Europe

Liaison: Rainer Bauböck


University of Munich

September 2009 - December 2010

Interactions of States with International Institutions and Associated Identity Change on Different Levels Case Study Turkey

Liaison: Friedrich Kratochwil 


University of Bremen

January 2010 - June 2010

New Forms of International Cooperation in the Area of EU Justice and Home Affairs, namely the Introduction of the Principle of Mutual Recognition

Liaison Adrienne Héritier


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