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Visiting Students 2014-2015


CANDELA, Rosolino

George Mason University

Period of stay:  May - June 2015
Topic: Constitutional Political Economy of Italian Unification during the 19th Century and Emergence of the Sicilian Mafia as a Consequence of the Unification Process
Liaison: Diego Gambetta


Copenhagen Buisness School

Period of Stay: 15 May - 15 July 2015

Topic: Immigration, Undocumented (Irregular) Immigration, 1.5 generation, youth, belonging, citizenship, qualitative methods

Liaison: Rainer Bauböck


University of Cambridge

Period of Stay; 15 February - 31 March 2015

Topic: From Old Labour to New Labour. From the PCI to the PD. A comparative study of party change

Liaison: Stefano Bartolini 


Pompeu Fabra University

Period of Stay: 7 January - 30 March 2015

Topic: Political Science/Political Theory/ Minority Rights

Liaison: Rainer Bauböck

HOHERZ, Stefanie

University of Essex

Period of Stay: 2 Mar - 31 May 2015

Topic: A Study of Men’s Employment Behaviour after the Birth of a Child. Labour market/ family sociology

Liaison: Hans-Peter Blossfeld


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

Period of stay: January - June 2015
Topic: Same words, different meanings: how the contents of left and right change over time
Liaison: Alexander H. Trechsel


Humboldt University Berlin and Berlin Social Science Research Center (WZB)

Period of stay: September - December 2014
Topic: The international dimension of authoritarian (in)stability: Effects of authoritarian learning during the Arab Uprisings
Liaison: Donatella della Porta / Ulrich Krotz

SMAGARIENE Solveiga Inokaityte

Kaunas University of Technology

Period of Stay: 9 March - 8 May 2015

Topic: The idea of European Integration: An Analysis of Lithuanian Political Elite's Attitudes

Liaison: Alexander H. Trechsel, Philipp Genschel


University of Vienna

Period of Stay: 16 February - 5 June 2015

Topic: Defining citizenship by wealth. Economic requirements for naturalisation in Western European countries

Liaison: Rainer Bauböck 


University of California, Santa Cruz

Period of stay: October 2014 - April 2015
Topic: The Ethnoterritorial Cleavage in the Politics of National Identity: Birthright Citizenship in Italy and Its Implications for European and Neighboring States
Liaison: Rainer Bauböck

TOCCHIOLI, Valentina

University of Florence

Period of Stay: 7 January - 7 July 2015

Topic: Women’s satisfaction and health equity of the birth path in Tuscany

Liaison Professors: Fabrizio Bernardi, Hans-Peter Blossfeld


University of Leicester and European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC)

Period of stay: January  - June 2015
Topic: Immigration and Regional Identity Politics. A Comparative Study of South Tyrol (IT), Corsica (FR), the Basque Country (ES), Wales and Scotland (GB)
Liaison: Rainer Bauböck

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