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Mediterranean Research Meeting


The Mediterranean Programme regrets to announce that the Mediterranean Research Meeting 2014 will not take place.

Due to the declining external support of donors and co-organisers, in the last four years the MRM was entirely or partially (with University of Murcia in 2012 and with the University of Mersin in 2013) financed by the RSCAS.

This burden is no longer bearable and no other organisation has proposed to share the costs for the next year.

Without adequate financial support participants from the southern and eastern shores are unable to attend the Meeting in these stormy days.

The recent reductions of travel and logistic support have already made the MRM more and more European, Western and Northern and less Mediterranean.

In this situation the MRM progressively loses its goal and function, which is deeply linked to an equal participation from all shores.

The RSCAS commitment to the MRM remains open for the future. Were new financial means and/or other co-organising offers to become available, the Meeting could be revived.  

With much regret,

Stefano Bartolini



The Mediterranean Research Meeting

The first Mediterranean Research Meeting (MRM) took place in March 2000, and the MRM has now become a major annual gathering for social scientists whose research focuses on the Mediterranean. 

Each year, the European University Institute welcomes over 150 scholars - young academics and renowned experts - from Europe as well as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) who work together for three days on a range of topics each supervised by two workshop directors. 

The Sponsors provide generous financial support to the Meeting. 



The MRM is organised around a core of up to 15 workshops, each run by 2 directors and with 10-12 participants.

Workshop participants present and discuss papers containing original research, prepare joint publications and strategies for continued collaboration.

Workshop topics and directors vary from one MRM to another and are chosen on the basis of competitive calls.

Some workshops are jointly organised with institutional partners.



  • Call for Workshop Directors
    The 'Call for Workshop Directors' is generally announced in mid-November over a year prior to the planned MRM.
  • Call for Papers
    The 'Call for Papers' is generally announced in mid-April of the year preceding the planned MRM, with the deadline for applications in July and a final selection in September.



The proceedings of successive MRMs have been published as Mediterranean Programme Working Papers, or as thematic issues in special editions of learned journals or in edited volumes. 

MRM Publications


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