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MRM 2011

Twelfth Mediterranean Research Meeting 2011


The Twelfth Mediterranean Research Meeting will take place in Montecatini Terme (Italy) on 6 - 9 April 2011.

Goals of the MRM

Reaching its Twelfth Session, the Mediterranean Research Meeting:

  • is committed to foster theoretical and empirical research and dialogue among scholars from countries across the Mediterranean, and with Mediterranean issue concerns;
  • stresses its aim to reach as wide as possible coverage of all Mediterranean areas, with topics relating to the Middle East, North Africa, Southern and South-Eastern Europe, their mutual relationships and their relations with Europe;
  • focuses attention on legal, historical, economic and socio-political issues;
  • aims to enable  junior scholars to meet more senior scholars in an interactive environment, and to promote further research collaboration;
  • encourages the publication and dissemination of this research in edited volumes, thematic issues of learned journals, and Mediterranean Programme  RSCAS-EUI Working Papers.

For information on previous sessions of the Mediterranean Research Meetings, please visit the home page of the MRM.


  1. Social Policy and Religion in the Middle East: Questioning Existing Paradigms 
    directed by:
    Rana Jawad
    John Gal
  2. The Many Faces of Islamic Feminism
    directed by:
    Mervat Hatem
    Omaima Abou-Bakr
  3. Informal Challenges to the MENA Formal Politics
    directed by:
    Bezen Coskun
    Michalengelo Guida
  4. Gender and Violence in the Middle East and North Africa
    directed by:
    Zahia Smail Salhi
    Amel Grami
  5. Riots: Protest from the margins or the margins of protest?
    directed by:
    Ratiba Hadj-Moussa
    Sophie Wahnich 
  6. Breakdowns of Democracy Re-visited: Transitions from Liberal-Democratic to Authoritarian Regimes around the Mediterranean Littoral
    directed by:
    Fred Lawson
    Abdelwahab Shaker
  7. State Economy and State of the Economy in the Mediterranean Area: the contribution of taxation to the development of Europe - Middle East relations 
    directed by:
    Marco Greggi
    Yoseph Edrey
  8. The World Financial and Economic Crisis and its impact on the MENA region 
    directed by:
    David Cobham
    Ghassan Dibeh
  9. Migration and Dual Citizenship in Northern Africa and the Balkans 
    directed by:
    Perrin Delphine
    Iordachi Constantin
  10. Transnational family making: children, young people and migration 
    directed by:
    Maria-Carmen Pantea
    Flavia Piperno
  11. Neo-liberal reforms, local elites, and accountability in public service provision in the MENA region
    directed by:
    Sylvia I. Bergh
    S. Ulas Bayraktar
  12. Pre-Modern Attachment to Lands in the Islamic Middle East, North Africa 
    directed by:
    Steve Tamari
    Okasha El Daly
  13. What is New about "Neo-Liberal" Urbanism? Middle Eastern Cities in Comparative Perspective
    directed by:
    Najib Hourani
    Mona Fawaz
  14. Productivity and Innovation in the MENA Region 
    directed by:
    Juliane Brach
    Rigas Arvanitis
  15. Politics in the Middle East and North Africa: Toward the Invention of Tradition?
    directed by:
    Hachemaoui Mohammed
    Parks Robert P.

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RSCAS Conference organisation

Logistics and general organisation 
Monique Cavallari and Elisabetta Spagnoli 
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