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Multidisciplinary Workshops by Max Weber Fellows 2015-2016

MRWpageThe core of the Max Weber Programme’s multidisciplinary activities are the  Thematic Research Groups . These Groups are organized on an interdisciplinary basis and bring together Fellows from different disciplines who are working on a similar range of issues.

The Groups have the opportunity to organize one or two workshops each (either two half days or one full day), either in conjunction with a MW Lecturer (Master Classes) or another visiting expert (Multidisciplinary Workshops -MW- by MW Fellows). 

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List of MW by Max Weber Fellows for the academic year 2015-2016

  • “Data Privacy Advocacy” 
    13 May 2016, 9:00-13:00
    Badia, MW Common Room
    Organizers: Guy Aitchison (SPS), Anna Beckers (LAW), Jed Odermatt (LAW), Bilyana Petkova (LAW)
  • "Transformation of Europe, 25 years afterA Conversation between Marlene Wind (University of Copenhagen) and Joseph Weiler (President of EUI)"
    18 May 2016, 11:00-13:00
    Badia, MW Common Room
    Organizer: Or Bassok (LAW)

  • "The Political Economy of Regulations"
    20 May 2016, 9:00-18:00
    Badia, MWP Common Room
    Organizers: Silvia Calò (RSCAS), Anna Elizabeth Chadwick (LAW), Jonathan Chapman (ECO), Elena Esposito (ECO), Nuno Palma (HEC), Jack Seddon (SPS)
  • "Frontiers, Foreigners and Legal Frameworks"
    21 June 2016, 9:00-18:00
    Badia, MWP Common Room
    Organizers: Adele Carrai (LAW), Simon MacDonald (HEC), Cynthia Salloum (SPS), Peter Daniel Szygeti (LAW), Cecilia Tarruell (HEC)
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