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A Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship offers the opportunity to enhance Fellows’ teaching skills and gain valuable teaching experience

Max Weber Teaching Module Certificate

The MWP Teaching Certificate is a valuable addition to Fellows’ academic profile and is worth 3 points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The aim is to enhance Fellows’ teaching skills and increase their international mobility through a series of hands-on workshops and an intensive teaching practice week at top European universities. The host universities are presented every October.

Fellows who decide to obtain the MWP Teaching Certificate must have successfully completed the prescribed academic practice activities organized by the MWP.


"The support and experience I received [...] at the European University Institute’s Max Weber Teaching Training in 2013–2014 shaped my pedagogy for years to come." by Phillip M. Ayoub (MW Fellow, SPS 2013-2014) in Ayoub, P. (2021). Reverse Research Design: Research Design in the Undergraduate Classroom. PS: Political Science & Politics, 1-5.

"At the end of the teaching certificate, I really enjoyed giving guest lectures at UPF in Barcelona, where I also set up other presentations and meetings, which served as great networking opportunities. My main takeaway from the certificate is that, when I design courses, my focus should be on learning, rather than on teaching. This shift in perspective towards the students has allowed me to better choose the course learning objectives, add more formative exercises, and select the most appropriate evaluation format” words by Victoria Finn (MW Fellow, RSCAS, AY 2021-2022 and 2022-2023)"

At the EUI

All Fellows have the opportunity to be involved in teaching and mentoring in their respective departments.

Fellows who have been awarded a two-year Fellowship are primarily affiliated with the Max Weber Programme in the first year and follow more or less the same programme as the one-year Fellows. However, the job search is postponed to the second year and the Teaching Module is expanded over the two years.

In the second year, the Fellows are primarily affiliated with a Department, where they further develop their training in research and teaching. The Fellow is expected to teach and mentor PhD students in the department for no more than a total of 30 hours over the 2 years.

Second-year Fellows also maintain their affiliation with the Max Weber Programme and are expected to participate in its multidisciplinary research activities.

In the Florence area

The Florence area hosts a number of undergraduate and graduate programmes at campuses of foreign universities, creating opportunities to gain teaching experience in an international environment.

In particular the Master in European Union Policy Studies of James Madison University in Florence guarantees priority in the selection process to Max Weber Fellows with competences in line with its teaching needs.

Page last updated on 29/09/2023

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