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Multidisciplinary Workshops by Max Weber Fellows


All Fellows have an opportunity to organize a day or half-day workshop or mini-conference involving other Fellows, possibly one or two external speakers, and often a number of EUI Faculty and researchers as well. Ideally, workshops should involve Fellows from more than one discipline.

The deadline for proposals is usually in November.

Please check the deadlines at a glance for the current year.


Multidisciplinary Research Workshops organised by MW Fellows this year are:

"Envisioning the Global South(s)"

February-June 2021
Online (Zoom)

Organizers: Roberta Biasillo (MWF RSC), Matteo Capasso (MWF RSC), Wanshu Cong (MWF LAW), Maria Dyveke Styve (MWF HEC), Lillian Frost (MWF RSC), Maria do Mar Gago (MWF HEC)


"Pricing Technologies and their Economic and Social Consequences"

25-26 March 2021
Online (Zoom)

Organizers: Arthur Dolgopolov (MWF ECO), Agnieszka Jablonowska (MWF LAW), Francesco Ducci (MWF LAW), Giacomo Tagiuri (MWF LAW)


"Humanitarian Intervention: the invention of a tradition?"

20 April - 4 May - 12 May 2021
Online (Zoom)

Organizers: Josef Ostransky (MWF LAW), Orfeas Chasapis Tassinis (MWF LAW), Andrés Vicent (MWF HEC) 


"Causes and consequences of inequality"

13 May 2021
Online (Zoom)

Organizers: Weverthon Barbosa Machado (MWF SPS), Balaraju Battu (MWF SPS), Aruni Mitra (MWF ECO), Federica Querin (MWF SPS)


"Turning the Tide: Contemporary Challenges to Health and Healthcare in Europe and Beyond"

May-June 2021
Online (Zoom)

Organizers: Aline Bertolin (MWF LAW), Katarzyna Doniec (MWF SPS), Alexandru Moise (MWF SPS), Takuya Onoda (MWF SPS), Tamara Popic (MWF SPS), Mirjam Reutter (MWF ECO)


"Mobilities in Early modern and contemporary mediterranean"

27-28 May 2021 
Refectory (Badia) and Zoom

Organizers: Roberta Biasillo (MWF RSC), Maria Vittoria Comacchi (MWF HEC), Lavinia Maddaluno (MWF HEC)


"Technocracy in Time and Space"

31 May 2021
Refectory (Badia) and Zoom

Organizers: Adélie Chevée (MWF RSC), Wanshu Cong (MWF LAW), Paul Dermine (MWF LAW), Sebastian Diessner (MWF RSC), Tommaso Milani (MWF HEC), Takuya Onoda (MWF SPS), Giacomo Tagiuri (MWF LAW)


"Radical Democracy and Populism"

3 June 2021
Sala Europa (Villa Schifanoia) and Zoom

Organizers: Adélie Chevée (MWF RSC), Guadalupe Correa Lopera (MWF ECO), Takumi Shibaike (MWF SPS), Josef Ostransky (MWF LAW)


"States and Markets: Public Policymaking before and after COVID"

April-May 2021 TBC

Organizers: Miren Azkarate-Askasua (MWF ECO), Paul Dermine (MWF LAW), Donato Di Carlo (MWF SPS), Cristina Lafuente Martinez (MWF ECO)



27 May 2021

Organizers: Alexis Alvarez-Nakagawa (Visiting MWF LAW), Jorge Díaz Ceballos (Alumnus MWF HEC) 


"Anti Corruption"


Organizers: Aline Bertolin (MWF LAW), Michele Castiglioni (MWF SPS)



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