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Multidisciplinary Workshops by Max Weber Fellows


All Fellows have an opportunity to organize a day or half-day workshop or mini-conference involving other Fellows, possibly one or two external speakers, and often a number of EUI Faculty and researchers as well. Ideally, workshops should involve Fellows from more than one discipline.

The deadline for proposals is usually in November.

Please check the deadlines at a glance for the current year.

Multidisciplinary Research Workshops 2019-2020

  • Winter/Spring 2020
    One Film - Four Lenses
    Organisers: Johannes Kniess (MWF SPS), Johann Justus Vasel (MWF LAW)
    1) "Dr. Strangelove - or How I learned to love the Bomb" - 11 February 2020

  • 09 March 2020 - CANCELLED due to Covid lockdown
    Gender Equity/Equality in Academia
    Organisers: Lola Avril (MWF LAW), Victoria Paniagua (MWF SPS), Judith Spirig (MWF SPS), Arianna Tassinari (MWF SPS), Eleanor Woodhouse (MWF ECO), Eva Zschirnt (MWF SPS)

  • 30 March 2020 - CANCELLED due to Covid lockdown
    Jurisdiction(s): Multidisciplinary Approaches 
    Organisers: Alexis Alvarez (MWF LAW), Jorge Díaz Ceballos (MWF HEC)

  • 02-03 April 2020 - CANCELLED due to Covid lockdown
    She is made of Stone. Women in the Socialist and Post-Socialist Public Space
    Organisers: Julie Deschepper (MWF HEC), Milica Prokic (MWF HEC)

  • 17 April 2020 
    Lifecycle of Intergroup Conflict
    Organisers: Viola Müller (MWF HEC), Ester Sigilló (MWF RSCAS), Judith Spirig (MWF SPS), Annabelle Wittels (MWF SPS), Eva Zschirnt (MWF SPS)

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