Academic Practice Workshops 2011-2012

The Academic Practice Workshops (APW) are divided into three modules, which overlap in time to allow for continuity and follow up sessions on activities within the discipline groups (APGs) and Academic Communication Skills (ACS) support within the programme.

Currently the APWs are concentrating on three themes: Teaching and Assessment; Job Market and Presentation; Publishing and Writing.

The Academic Practice Workshops take place on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month at 11.00-13.00, Villa La Fonte.


Academic Practice Workshops 2011-2012: 

  • 13-16 & 20-22 September 2011
    September Presentations
    Max Weber Fellows 2011-2012 
  • 5 October 2011
    Planning Meeting for the Academic Practice Groups
    Introduction to the Job Market Module and the Publishing and Writing Module including Writers' Groups
    MWP & FIESOLE Group/EUI Language Centre
  • 10-13 October 2011
    Building a Personal Website - common session and group sessions
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    Jens Hoffmeister, MWP Web Collaborator
  • 17-20 October 2011
    EUI Faculty 
  • 8-11 November 2012
    Curriculum and Course Development, Learning Outcomes and Stretegies, How to Structure a Lecture & Small-group Teaching
    Lynn McAlpine (Oxford)
  • 16-19 January 2012
    Micro-Teaching sessions (filmed) - by discipline
    MWP, FIESOLE Group
  • 8 February 2012
    Ethics in Academica: a Discussion about Ethics in Researching, Publishing and Academic Relations
    Tomás Rodiriguez Barraquer and Karin De Vries, Max Weber Fellows 
  • 7-8 March 2012
    Effective Communication for Academics
    Feedback on Micro-Teaching - common session and individual feedback
    Angela O'Neill, College d'Europe
  • 28 March 2012
    Common session on Mentoring
  • 28 March 2012
    Using Twitter for Scholarly Purposes
    Serge Noiret, HEC information specialist, EUI
  • 18 April 2012
    Time Management
    Sarah Shepard, University of Zurich
  • 29-30 May 2012
    Curriculum and Course Assessment
    EUI Faculty

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