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Programme Description


The activities of the Programme are designed to further strengthen the academic skills  of the MW Fellows, while leaving ample time for individual research, and are organized around two core themes: 

  Multidisciplinary Research

  Academic Practice 


Each MW Fellow is primarily affiliated to the MWP. They are also associated either to one of the four EUI departments or the Robert Schumann Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS), which provide a faculty member as mentor. 

Fellows who have been awarded an extension of the Fellowship are primarily affiliated with their departments during their second year. Please follow this link to the two-year Fellowships activities.

The mandatory components of the MW Fellowships are:





The EUI recommends and enforces the EU principles of data protection and privacy.

Read the Guide on good data protection practice in research (pdf)

This Guide should be consulted in parallel with the EUI’s Data Protection Policy as well as with the EUI Code of Ethics in Academic Research


Page last updated on 21 March 2018