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Enhancing the Efficiency of European Research Funding in the Social Sciences (in Times of Financial Restraint)

Fifth MWP-ACO Conference

San Domenico di Fiesole, 24 November 2010

MWP-ACOconfUniAutoNov2008One of the key objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy is to enhance the quality and international attractiveness of Europe's higher education system by promoting student and young professional mobility. Among others, this process implies adequate and efficient research funding across the European Research Area.

The 5th MWP-ACO conference gathered together academics, policymakers and representatives of European and national funding agencies, who discussed how to enhance the efficiency of different national and supra-national research funding schemes.

The discussion on what constitutes best practice and on the most glaring problems was enriched by the presentation of the 'Preliminary Results of the Survey on Research Funding in the Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe', jointly organized with the European Economic Association (EEA) and the European Sociological Association (ESA).

Moreover, the conference focussed on funding possibilities for young researchers during times of financial restraint. Among others, the representatives of the European Research Council, the Marie Curie Actions, the German Research Foundation and the Swedish Research Council delivered a speech. In the afternoon, direct consultations with the speakers and moderators took place. 


Report on the Fifth MWP-ACO Conference

Conference programme


Conference presentations:

ERC, Alejandro Martin Hobdey, European Research Council

Marie Curie Actions, Frank Marx, European Commission, Research Executive

Germany, Eckard Kämper, German Research Foundation

France, Marc Ivaldi, Toulouse School of Economics

Portugal, Lígia Amâncio, Foundation for Science and Technology

Spain, Clara Eugenia García, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Sweden, Marianne Wikgren, Swedish Research Council

United Kingdom, Stephen Yeo, Centre for Economic Policy Research


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