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Academic Careers in the Social Sciences and Humanities: National Comparisons and Opportunities

Second MWP-ACO Conference
San Domenico di Fiesole, November 30, 2007

Currently the higher education system is undergoing changes in most European countries. This is not least due to the Bologna Process, which aims at the creation of a homogeneous higher education landscape in Europe.

However, even though many governments have introduced reforms to make the academic workplace more attractive and counter the brain drain from the continent to the Anglo-Saxon countries, academic careers still vary greatly between countries.

Navigating in the different national academic systems and the myriads of available funding and grant systems is not an easy task. Yet, more accessible knowledge on the various academic structures and career prospects is in high demand, not the least due to the increasing mobility of scholars.

To meet this need, the 2nd MWP-ACO Conference explored the academic career options of young PhD holders, focusing mainly on the disciplines of Economics, History, Law, and Social and Political Science.

Papers, Abstracts and Presentation

Frances Meegan, The Attractions and Distractions of an Academic Career in the UK, and How to be Competitive in the UK Academic Job Market (Abstract, Presentation, References)

Jose-Gines Mora, Academic Careers in Spain (Abstract, Presentation)

Kamma Langberg, Career Stucture and Barriers for Young Researchers in Scandinavia (Abstract, Presentation)

Daniel Denecke, Academic Cultures and Career Paths in the US: Facts, Trends, and Opportunities (Abstract, Presentation)

Frédéric Sawicki, The Academic Profession in the Social Sciences in France: Towards a Change of the Rules of the Game? (Abstract, Presentation)

Daniele Checchi, Academic Careers in Italy (Presentation)

Lisa M. Lynch, The Status of Women in the Economics Academic Profession (Presentation)

Chris Armbruster, The Rise of the Post-Doc as Principal Investigator? (Abstract, Presentation)

Alain Peyraube, Funding Opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows at the European Level (Abstract, Presentation)

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