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Max Weber Programme Conference on Hayek

Competition and Knowledge: Hayek's Perspective

4th Classics Revisited Conference, Villa la Fonte, 9 June 2010

In 1968 Hayek argued: “Competition is a procedure for discovering facts, which, if the procedure did not exist, would remain unknown or would not be used.” This claim relied on the postulate that knowledge is essentially dispersed and therefore central planning is both impossible and harmful.

Hayek followed with an attack, inter alia, on social justice, macroeconomics, and the use of statistics for economic predictions. His lecture “Competition as a Discovery Procedure” will be the focus of the 4th Conference in our Classics Revisited Series and will be used as a springboard for discussing the implications of Hayek’s claims in economics, politics and the social sciences in general.

Our panel of speakers will offer a variety of perspectives based on their individual expertise. A two-page summary of the Conference’s main points is available here. Please contact Naomi Beck for the full 15-page text.

We look forward to your participation!

Conference Programme


List of Speakers (in alphabetical order) 

Andrew Gamble, Dept. of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge 
Harold James, Dept. of History, EUI / Princeton University
David Levine, Dept. of Economics, Washington University in St. Louis
Ramon Marimon, Director Max Weber Postdoctoral Programme/Economics Department, EUI
Massimo Morelli, Dept. of Economics, EUI / Columbia University
Ulrich Witt, Director Evolutionary Economics Group, Max Planck Institute for Economics


List of Discussants (in alphabetical order)

Giunia Gatta, Max Weber Fellow, Political Science
Antonio Miralles, Max Weber Fellow, Economics
Guido Ruta, Max Weber Fellow, Economics
Nadia Steiber, Max Weber Fellow, Sociology
Wojciech Zaluski, Law Dept. Jagiellonian University, Krakow


Conference Organizer: 

Naomi Beck, MW Fellow 

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