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5th Graduate Symposium: European Policies After the Lisbon Treaty

San  Domenico di Fiesole, Wednesday 6 June 2012, Villa La Fonte

JMU Studens 2012

Co-organized by James Madison University in Florence and Max Weber Programme, EUI

Keynote Lecture by Chris Reus-Smit: "The Nature and Importance of Special Responsibilities in World Politics" (See abstract below)

The EUI’s Max Weber Programme and the
James Madison University’s M.A. programme
 in political science with  a concentration in European Union Policy Studies present their 5th Joint Graduate Symposium on European policies.

The symposium aims to establish a platform for JMU master students to present their work and ideas about the EU in the professional setting of an academic conference. The papers discuss the various policies adopted by the European Union, with an eye toward scrutinizing their effectiveness and analyzing their impact. Overall, they seek to promote better understanding of the ever-evolving EU system of governance.

As two institutions promoting academic excellence, the EUI and JMU will grant an award for the best paper produced for the conference.

The Symposium will conclude with a Keynote Lecture at 17.00 by Professor Chris Reus-Smit, SPS Department, EUI

Abstract for Keynote Lecture:

The language of special responsibilities is ubiquitous in world politics, with policymakers and commentators alike speaking and acting as though particular states have, or ought to have, unique obligations in managing global problems.

Professor Chris Reus-Smit has closely examined the nature of special responsibilities, the complex politics that surround them and how they condition international social power. Through his detailed case-studies of nuclear proliferation, climate change and global finance he came to the following conclusion: All three problems have been addressed by an allocation of special responsibilities, but while this has structured politics in these areas, it has also been the subject of on-going contestation.

During this lecture Professor Chris Reus-Smit will focus on the United States to illustrate that power must be understood as a social phenomenon and how this results in American power varying significantly across security, economic and environmental domains.

Programme (pdf)

Keynote Speaker:

Chris Reus-Smith, SPS Department, EUI

Conference organizers:

Tina Freyburg, MWP/EUI  & Caterina Paolucci, JMU in Florence 

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