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Fellows on the Job Market

 Find below a list of MW Fellows currently on the job market by department


Kori Kantenga

PhD awarding institution: University of Pennsylvania 

PhD Title: Essays on Wage Inequality using the Search Framework

EUI Mentor: Philipp Kircher

References: Iourii Manovskii (Dissertation Advisor - Department of Economics University of Pennsylvania); Kenneth Burdett (Dissertation Committee - Department of Economics University of Pennsylvania); Dirk Krueger (Dissertation Committee - Department of Economics University of Pennsylvania)

Fields of Interest: Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics 

Personal webpage

Andrea Papadia

PhD awarding institution: London School of Economics and Political Science

PhD Title:  Government Action under Constraints: Fiscal Development, Fiscal Policy and Public Goods Provision during the Great Depression and in 19th and early 20th Century Brazil

EUI Mentor: Ramon Marimon (ECO/RSC)

References: Ramon Marimon (EUI), Albrecht Ritschl (LSE) Olivier Accominotti (LSE)                    

Fields of Interest: Economic History, Macroeconomics, Political Economy                            

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History and Civilization

Ágoston Berecz

PhD awarding institution: Central European University

PhD Title: Chapters from the Political Life of Names: The nationalisation of names and naming in Dualist Hungary

EUI Mentor: Pieter Judson

References: Tomasz Kamusella, Balázs Trencsényi, Monika Baár                   

Fields of Interest: 19th-century Europe, especially Eastern Europe, History of Nationalism, Macro-Sociolinguistics    

Job Preference: Research Fellowship

Country Preference: Germany, UK, Northern Europe   

Alessandro Bonvini

PhD. awarding institutions: University of Salerno, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá

PhD. Title: Avventurieri, esuli e volontari. Storie atlantiche del Risorgimento / Aventureros, exiliados y voluntarios. Histórias atlánticas del Risorgimento

EUI Mentor: Lucy Riall

References: Amada Carolina Pérez Benavides, Carmine Pinto, Tomás Pérez Vejo

Fields of Interest: Global history, Political history 

Job Preference: Post-doctoral fellowship

John Boonstra 

PhD awarding institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison

PhD Title: A Mandate to Protect: Imperial Encounters and Affective Ideologies between France and Lebanon, 1860-1931

EUI Mentor: Laura Lee Downs

References: Mary Louise Roberts, Laird Boswell, Andrew Arsan                     

Fields of Interest: Modern European history, Mediterranean history, Modern Middle East                 

Job Preference: Assistant Professor

Jared Holley

PhD awarding institution: University of Cambridge

PhD Title: Eighteenth-Century Epicureanism and the Political Thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau 

EUI Mentor: Richard Bellamy

References: Sankar Muthu (Univeristy of Chicago), Duncan Kelly (University of Cambridge), Chris Brooke (University of Cambridge)                    

Fields of Interest: Political Theory, History of Political Thought                

Job Preference: Lecturer/Assistant Professorship


Antonio Aloisi

PhD awarding institution: Bocconi University, Milan

PhD Title: Facing the challenges of platform-mediated labour. The employment relationship in times of non-standard work and digital transformation.

EUI Mentor: Claire Kilpatrick

References: Valerio De Stefano, KU Leuven; Miriam A. Cherry, Saint Louis University; Stefano Liebman, Bocconi University      

Fields of Interest: Employment Law, European Social Law, Industrial Relations

Job Preference: Assistant Professorship

Country Preference: none

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Bernardo Rangoni

PhD awarding institution: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

PhD Title:  Uncertainty and Experimentalist Policymaking in Internal Market Regulation by the European Commission: Cases on Electricity and Gas Policy

EUI Mentor:  Giorgio Monti

References: Martin Lodge, Mark Thatcher, Jonathan Zeitlin                   

Fields of Interest:  comparative public policy, regulation, governance                

Job Preference: Assistant Professor 

Christopher Roberts

PhD awarding institution: NYU School of Law (expected November 2018)

PhD Title: Alternative Rights Visions: The Disparate Historical Paths of the European, Inter-American, and African Regional Human Rights Systems

EUI Mentor: Nehal Bhuta

References: Philip Alston, NYU School of Law; Grainne de Burca, NYU School of Law; Margaret Satterthwaite, NYU School of Law              

Fields of Interest: Public International Law, Human Rights, Legal History, Imperialism, Colonialism, the British Empire, Repressive Public Order Laws                 

Athina Sachoulidou

PhD awarding institution: University of Heidelberg

PhD title: Unternehmensverantwortlichkeit und -sanktionierung im strafrechtlichen und interdisziplinären Diskurs (Corporate liability and punishment in criminal-law and interdisciplinary discourse)

EUI mentor: Deirdre Curtin

References: Maria Kaiafa Gbandi (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Gerhard Dannecker (University of Heidelberg)

Fields of interest: (European) criminal law and law of criminal procedure, corporate and financial criminal law, medical criminal law and bioethics, (big) data regulation

Job preference: Postdoctoral position or assistant professorship

Country preference: none

Personal homepage


Political and Social Sciences

Per Andersson

PhD awarding institution:  Lund University

PhD Title: Essays in the Politics of Taxation

EUI Mentor: Philipp Genschel

References: Professor Johannes Lindvall. Professor Jan Teorell.             

Fields of Interest: Comparative politics, political economy, democratization, politics of taxation.     

Job Preference: Assistant Professorship; Post-doctoral Fellowship

Mauricio Bucca Olea

PhD awarding institution:  Cornell University, NY, USA

PhD Title:  PhD in Sociology, PhD Minor in Applied Statistics

EUI Mentor:  Fabrizio Bernardi

References: Kim Weeden, Vida Maralani, Michael Macy, Martin T. Wells

Fields of Interest: Sociology, Public Policy, Government                 

Job Preference: Assistant Professorship

Country Preference: Chile           

Personal Homepage 

Laura Cabeza Pérez

PhD awarding institution: University of Cologne, Germany

PhD Title:  Party Strategies and Voting Behaviour in Multi-level States

EUI Mentor:  Elias Dinas

References: André Kaiser, Sonia Alonso, Braulio Gómez                    

Fields of Interest: Decentralization, regional elections, party competition, voting behaviour, public opinion                 

Job Preference:  Researcher

Country Preference: Italy, Spain         

Personal Homepage

Bruno Leipold

PhD awarding institution: University of Oxford

PhD Title: Citizen Marx: The Relationship between Karl Marx and Republicanism

EUI Mentor: Richard Bellamy

References: David Leopold, Lea Ypi, Rainer Forst       

Fields of Interest: Political Theory; History of Political Thought                

Job Preference: Assistant Professorship

Country Preference: None  

Personal Homepage

Elsa Massoc 

PhD awarding institution: UC Berkeley

PhD Title:  Banking on States: The Divergent Trajectories of European Finance after the Crisis

EUI Mentor: Dorothee Bohle

References: Paul Pierson, Jonah Levy, Steve Vogel                    

Fields of Interest:  Comparative Political Economy, Business and Politics, Financial Regulation     

Job Preference: Tenure-track Assistant Professorship          

Personal Homepage

Gemma Scalise

PhD awarding institution: University of Florence

PhD Title:  The market is not enough. Actors, institutions and identity in Europe in times of crisis. 

EUI Mentor:  Anton Hemerijck, Dorothee Bohle

References: Maarten Keune, Oscar Molina                   

Fields of Interest: Social and public policy, comparative political economy, EU studies                   

Job Preference: Assistant professorship, lecturer           

Personal Homepage

Alina Vrânceanu

PhD awarding institution: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (expected November 2018)

PhD Title: Political parties’ position and public opinion on immigration

EUI Mentor: Hanspeter Kriesi

References: Romain Lachat (Sciences Po Paris), Mariano Torcal (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)                 

Fields of Interest: Political Behaviour, Comparative Politics, Public Opinion, Party Competition.                 

Job Preference: Assistant Professor or Lecturer; Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Country Preference: None.          


Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Silvia D’Amato

PhD awarding institution: Scuola Normale Superiore

PhD Title: Strategic Culture and Counterterrorism: new insights from France and Italy

EUI Mentor: Ulrich Krotz

References: Sonia Lucarelli, Cristian Kaunert, Marieke de Goede

Fields of Interest: Counterterrorism, International Relations, Security Studies              

Job Preference: Post-doctoral positions or Assistant Professorship

Country Preference: None   





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