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Fellows on the Job Market

Find below a list of MW Fellows currently on the job market by department


Ellen Greaves

PhD awarding institution: University of Bristol

PhD Title: "The Economics of School Choice and Sorting"

EUI Mentor: Prof Sule Alan

References: Sule Alan (European University Institute), Simon Burgess (University of Bristol), Thomas Dee (Stanford University), Andrea Inchino (European University Institute)

Fields of Interest: Labour Economics, Economics of Education

Job Preference: Lecturer/Assistant Professor

Country Preference: UK

Personal Website

Email: [email protected]


Miha Marčenko

PhD awarding institution: University of Amsterdam

PhD Title: "The Role of the City as a Discursive Practice in International law and Governance"

EUI Mentor: Prof Urska Sadl

References: [email protected][email protected] 

Fields of Interest: Public international law, Human rights, global governance, socio-legal research 

Email: [email protected]

Sapna Reheem Shaila

PhD awarding institution: Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London

PhD Title: "A ‘good enough’ rule-of-law transfer and adaptation? A case study of transnational rule-of-law promotion in East Timor"

EUI Mentor: Professor Mathias Siems

References: Professor David Nelken, Professor of Transnational and Comparative Law, King’s College London: [email protected], Professor Mathias Siems, Professor of Comparative Law: [email protected]

Fields of Interest: Transnational Law, Comparative Law, Tort Law, Law and Society, Research Methods

Job Preference: Multiyear research fellowships or Tenure track positions with research and teaching components

Country Preference: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, India, Switzerland

Email: [email protected]


Christina Maraboutaki

PhD awarding institution: Sapienza, Università di Roma

PhD Title: “Technology and (the Promise of) Pleasure; a Study on Gender, Sexuality and Subjectivity from a Posthuman Perspective”

EUI Mentor: Benno Gammerl

References: Caterina Romeo (Sapienza, Università di Roma), Benno Gammerl (EUI)

Fields of Interest: Gender History, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Feminist Legal Theory, History of Law, Posthuman Studies, Science and Technology Studies

Job Preference: Assistant Professor; research position

Country Preference: Italy, Greece

Email: [email protected]

Kathleen McCrudden Illert

PhD awarding institution: Yale University

PhD Title: "Fraternité, Liberté, Égalité: Sophie de Grouchy, Sympathetic Rights, and the History of Liberalism, 1785-1815"

References: Professor Sophia Rosenfeld, University of Pennsylvania, Professor Samuel Moyn, Yale University, Professor Nicolas Guilhot, EUI

Fields of Interest: Intellectual History, History of Political Thought, Political Theory, Gender History, History of Emotions, European History, Democratic theory, 18th-19th century

Country Preference: Germany

Email: [email protected]

Political and Social Sciences

Jessica Di Cocco

Department: SPS

PhD awarding institution: Sapienza University of Rome

PhD Title: "Politics in Time of Populism"

EUI Mentor: Arnout Van De Rijt

References: Manuela Caiani, Arnout Van de Rijt, Fabio Sabatini

Fields of Interest: text-as-data, automated textual analysis, machine learning, computational social sciences, computational political science, political communication, populism, political parties, quantitative methods

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Felix Schaff

PhD awarding institution: London School of Economics

PhD Title: "Exploring the Political Economy Causes of Inequality in Pre-Industrial Germany, c.1400-1800"

EUI Mentor: Andrea Ichino, Juho Harkonen

References: Chris Minns (LSE), Guido Alfani (Bocconi), Sheilagh Ogilvie (All Souls College, Oxford)

Fields of Interest: Economic History, Political Economy, Inequality and Social Mobility

Job Preference: Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Research-intensive fellowship

Personal webpageEmail

Julia Leschke

PhD awarding institution: London School of Economics and Political Science

PhD Title: "Populism in Parties, Politicians and Parliamentary Speeches"

EUI Mentor: Professor Simon Hix

References: Professor Sara Hobolt (LSE), Professor Kenneth Benoit (LSE)

[email protected]

Fields of Interest: Computational Social/Political Science, Political Behaviour, Comparative Politics, Text Analysis, Causal Inference

Job Preference: Postdoctoral Fellow, Assistant Professor

Country Preference: Anywhere in Europe

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Arthur Duhé 

PhD awarding institution: University of Oxford

PhD Title: "A Spinozist Approach to Affective Patterns in Revolutionary Springs"

EUI Mentor: Prof. Daniele Caramani

References: Prof. Edward Keene; Prof. George Lawson; Prof. Todd Hall

Fields of Interest: International Relations; History of Political Thought; Political Theory

Country Preference: Western Europe (in particular UK, Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Danemark, Sweden, Italy).

Email: [email protected]

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