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Teaching Abroad 2021

The MWP sets up Teaching Weeks abroad with UPF, Barcelona, Humboldt University, Berlin, and with Masaryk, Brno where Max Weber Fellows are offered the opportunity to have a week’s intensive teaching experience with professional feedback. The MWP intends to expand their MWP teaching abroad network in the future. 

The Teaching Practice Weeks for 2021 are listed below:

UPF, Barcelona (January-March 2021)

 Roberta Biasillo (RSCAS)
 Maria Vittoria Comacchi (HEC)
 Sebastian Diessner (RSCAS)
 Lavinia Maddaluno (HEC)
 Tamara Popic (SPS)

Masaryk, Brno (3-7 May 2021)

 Wanshu Cong (LAW)
 Rona Dinur (LAW)
 Joy Neumeyer (HEC)
 Alvaro Pereira (LAW)
 Maria Dyveke Styve (HEC)
 Andrés María Vicent Fanconi (HEC)

Masaryk, Brno (17-21 May 2021)

 Christos Aliprantis (HEC)
 Weverthon Barbosa Machado (SPS)
 Orfeas Chasapis Tassinis (LAW)
 Agnieszka Jablonowska (LAW)

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg (March-May 2021)

 Aline Bertolin (LAW)
 Francesco Ducci (LAW)

College of Europe, Natolin (April 2021)

 Donato Di Carlo (SPS)
 Lillian Frost (RSC)
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