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picture2The Europe and the World Forum (EuWorld) is a project launched in July 2011 to foster discussion and research on the interlinking of Europe and other areas in the world, as a way to understand contemporary Europe. Its focus reflects the Department of History and Civilization (HEC) profile in Comparative, Trans-national and Global approaches.

Accordingly, EuWorld covers subjects as diverse as empires and imperialism, colonialism and decolonization, intercultural and inter-ethnic dialogue and violence, migrations, international and global economic relations in a long-term perspective. In stressing these approaches and fields, EuWorld also highlights Europe’s internal diversity as a space of different cultures and societies.  

EuWorld engages Visiting fellowsMax Weber FellowsJean Monnet FellowsFernand Braudel Fellows, and scholars from the entire EUI community to join our conversation on writing a less Eurocentric and national history of Europe.

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