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An historical glance at the European People's Party

Posted on 24 September 2014

epp1The Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) in the European Parliament launches partnership with the Historical Archives of the European Union.

The Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) in the European Parliament (EPP Group)has developed an online database to manage its archived inventories. Based on a new cooperation agreement between the EPP Group and the Historical Archives of the European Union, reading room users can now remotely access this appliance, perform searches in the EPP Group’s rich archive and retrieve copies of archived documents.

During its initial development phase, the EPP Group’s archive database was limited to internal use and accessible only to EPP Group Members and staff. Now the EPP Group has decided to give access to the website to a restricted number of foundations and institutions sharing a common interest in the historical research on European integration and cooperation.

The website contains documents, photos, speeches, and audio and video recordings which showcase the EPP Group’s political activities covering more than half a century since the EPP Group’s constitution in 1952. The database covers minutes of Group meetings and notes from EPP Group Bureau meetings, documents relating to different working groups, minutes of committee meetings and plenary notes.

There are also political strategy documents and a variety of communication papers. European elections and historical milestones are also covered in the archived collection.

The photo gallery contains a vast set of photos from personalities such as the EU’s founding fathers and visual testimonies of the years leading to the European Communities. The archives are complemented by an e-library.

The EPP Group archives can be accessed via a dedicated personal computer in the reading room of the Historical Archives. Please contact: [email protected]

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