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FAQ - Required Documents

CV, Research Proposal, Degree Transcript, Language Certificates, GRE, ID/Passport Copy.


No, but normal line-spacing (1 or 1,5) and international fonts (for example Arial) are preferable. Do NOT use macros, special characters, password-protected files, electronic signatures or logos.

The policy of the EUI departments is not to offer individual guidance and advice on dissertation proposals. Prospective applicants are requested not to contact potential supervisors for advice on their applications but to consult the department’s web pages where research themes are listed and where the guidelines for research proposals are clearly indicated.

Applicants are required to attach to their application degree transcript(s) listing all the exams/courses taken at university, the grades/marks awarded, and the final degree result (if available). 

You should also attach your degree transcript(s) from previous degree(s). 

Do not attach or send supplementary documents that are not strictly requested, such as traineeships diplomas etc.

Do not try to submit other file formats; they will not be accepted by the system.          

Do not attach a copy of your degree certificate or diploma. This will be requested at a later date.

LAW, HEC and SPS Departments - Applicants must attach 4 types of mandatory documents + 1 recommended: CV, Research plan, Degree Transcripts, English Proficiency Certificate. 

ECO Department - applicants must attach 5 types of mandatory documents: CV, Research statement, Degree Transcripts, English Proficiency Certificate + GRE.

Applicants are selected for interviews on the basis of their academic record and their research proposal. Your research proposal shows that you are ready to write a PhD dissertation that can be supervised at the EUI. The proposal must be written in English or French and must be no longer than 2500 words (including footnotes and references). Longer proposals may be excluded from further consideration.          

The proposal should outline the project that you wish to pursue in your PhD dissertation. It should demonstrate command of the state of the art in the field (with references to the literature) and of research methodology within the discipline, formulate a research question and include a short bibliography. Where appropriate it should also include the theory or hypotheses that will be examined or a description of the empirical content and sources of the research project.          

N.B. Candidates for the Economics Department should attach a brief (no more than 1500 words) Research Statement or Statement of Purpose in English containing a short motivation of the candidate for pursuing a PhD in Economics at the EUI, a description of the relevant research and study background, and a summary of relevant advanced level economics and mathematics courses the candidate has taken so far.          

LL.M candidates should attach a research statement of about 1000 words.         

More detailed guidelines are available on the respective departmental web pages.

The GRE is mandatory only for candidates to the Department of Economics.          

The GRE scores measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills and thus provide Departments with useful input about the candidates’ abilities.          

If you wish to take a GRE test for your EUI application, our institution's code is 7395 (the departmental code is: Economics – 1801). Candidates must directly upload the GRE scores (Examinee Score Report) to the online application form. Furthermore, the departments are willing to accept the GRE scores you may have previously obtained for another institution.

Please consult Language Requirements.

Write your research proposal in English or French.

No, you can only apply to one department. However, you can add the name of the other department in ‘Additional notes’ on the application form.

We usually accept documents in all the languages of the European Union although those written in English guarantee the widest possible reading. As such translations in English are appreciated but not mandatory.          

English translations are recommended for transcripts submitted to the Department of Economics.


The purpose of the FAQ pages is to provide prospective applicants with general guidance, additional clarification and examples. In case of doubt or differences of interpretation, the EUI Academic Rules and Regulations for the Doctoral and Master’s Programmes shall prevail.


Page last updated on 25 October 2017

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