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Frequently Asked Questions - EUI Doctoral Programme


Yes, but you must complete successfully at least two years of the programme. If you are in the 3rd year, and you have already fulfilled all the requirements for the thesis defence, you may complete your Ph.D. without having to complete the 4th year.

Researchers are allowed to submit a final version of their thesis that is ready for defence until the end of their 5th year but not later than that. The 5th year is not funded.

No, the EUI Doctoral programme is a full-time residential programme.

Normally, if admitted to the EUI doctoral programme you must start from the 1st year. Exceptionally, direct admission into the second year may be proposed by the EUI department if you can show that in your current Ph.D. programme you have met equivalent requirements to those for admission to the second year of the EUI programme. 

No, the EUI Ph.D. can only be awarded by one of the four departments. However, if your thesis requires a multidisciplinary approach, you may get a co-supervisor from another department. In any case, Ph.D. candidates are expected to participate also in interdepartmental academic activities. 

No, the EUI Ph.D. degree is always awarded by the EUI only. 

Yes, research students must reside in Florence. Leaves of absence for research or other purposes must be supported by the department and approved by the EUI Entrance Board. For additional details on Leaves of absence, please see: Academic Rules and Regulations for the Doctoral and Master’s Programmes - Chapter 12. Leaves, Intermissions and Postponed Deadlines.

No, if admitted to the EUI, you must interrupt or end your employment for the duration of the programme.

No, under no circumstances.

If you are in the first year of another doctoral programme, you may be admitted to the EUI, but you must interrupt the other programme of study.

If you are in the second year of another doctoral programme and receive funding there, you may exceptionally be admitted to the EUI but:

1. your supervisor, your university institution and your funding authority must all agree to this

2. you must interrupt the other programme of study

If you are beyond the second year of another doctoral programme and you are funded in that programme, you will not be allowed to register at the EUI; the only exception is if you are a supervisee of a faculty member recruited by the EUI. Your university of origin and funding authority must in this case agree to your admission to the EUI and you must interrupt the doctoral programme undertaken at the other university.

This depends on departmental rules. Generally speaking, researchers have to meet seminar credit requirements during the first and the second year, while the last two years are mainly devoted to completing the doctoral thesis and to acquiring additional academic skills. In the Economics Department, admission to the second year is based on exams in first year courses and seminar attendance is required in the second, third and fourth year.

The academic year begins on 1 September and finishes on 31 August, and is divided into three terms. Departmental seminars are usually held in the first and second term. Academic workshops are offered all year round but more frequently in the third term.

There are holiday breaks in the Winter, for Easter and during the month of August. For the current EUI Academic Calendar please see: Academic Calendar .

The Ministers for Education of the European Communities - meeting within the Council of the European Communities (Luxembourg, 3 June 1985) - adopted the following Recommendation concerning the doctorate conferred by the European University Institute in Florence:

 "The Ministers for Education, meeting within the Council, consider that the doctorate conferred by the European University Institute in Florence should be recognised in the Member States in the same way as equivalent national degrees […] ”

In certain EU countries (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom) there is no formal recognition of university degrees by the state.

Check the recognition of the EUI Ph.D. in a particular country. 


The purpose of the FAQ pages is to provide prospective applicants with general guidance, additional clarification and examples. In case of doubt or differences of interpretation, the EUI Academic Rules and Regulations for the Doctoral and Master’s Programmes shall prevail.


Page last updated on 17 August 2017

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