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Recognition of the EUI Doctorate

The Ministers for Education of the European Communities - meeting within the Council of the European Communities (Luxembourg, 3 June 1985) - adopted the following Recommendation concerning the doctorate conferred by the European University Institute in Florence:

 "The Ministers for Education, meeting within the Council, consider that the doctorate conferred by the European University Institute in Florence should be recognised in the Member States in the same way as equivalent national degrees […]”.

In certain EU countries (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom*) there is no formal recognition of university degrees by the state. 

*United Kingdom: Researchers with the EUI doctorate planning to study or work in the UK are advised to contact the UK National Information Centre for global qualifications and skills (former NARIC) where the EUI has recognition status.


  • Austria

The title of Doctor may be used in Austria by holders of the EUI Doctorate and recognition is automatically awarded.

  • Belgium

The Flemish Government approved the recognition of degrees awarded by the EUI on 22 March 2002, and recognised the Institute doctorate as equivalent to a doctorate from a Flemish university. The holder is entitled to use the title Doctor and the abbreviation Dr.

  • Cyprus 

EUI degree holders must apply to the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.) to have their degree recognised. More information and the application forms can be found at the following link:

  • Denmark 

The Conference of Education Ministers, with the participation of the Danish Minister for Education, meeting within the Council in Luxembourg 3 June 1985, established that the EUI doctorate is equivalent to a doctorate from a Danish university. The Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science regulates recognition of higher education qualifications in Denmark.

  • Federal Republic of Germany

The Conference of Education Ministers (KMK) established, by the Decision of 16 August 1978, that the Institute doctorate is equivalent to a doctorate from a German university. The KMK Decision of 4 September 1994 recognises the right to use the title of Doctor of the EUI in the Federal Republic.

  • Finland

In Finland, there is no formal recognition of university degrees by the state. Higher education institutions take the decisions concerning admission to further study. The Government Decree on the System on Higher Education Degrees 464/1998 specifies the eligibility provided by the EUI doctorate for working in public sector as follows:

10 § Eligibility provided by the degree EUI doctorates completed at the European University Institute (EUI) maintained by the member states of the European Union provide the same eligibility as the doctorate referred to in section 7. (16.6.2005/426) (Section 7 covers Finnish postgraduate degrees)

  • France

A Decree of 20 October 1992 of the Minister of National Education established that the Institute doctorate was recognised as conferring the same rights and privileges as the doctorate introduced by the Higher Education Act No. 84-52 of 26 January 1984. 

  • Greece

In 1995, the Greek Centre for Recognition of Foreign University Degrees (Di.K.A.T.S.A.) recognised the EUI as equivalent to a Greek university. Accordingly the EUI is listed as a recognized foreign Higher Education institution on the website of the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (D.O.A.T.A.P.). EUI degrees are nevertheless not automatically recognized in Greece; EUI degree holders must apply to D.O.A.T.A.P. to have their Master or doctoral degree recognized. 

  • Italy

Law No. 352 of 11 July 1986 recognises the Institute's doctorate as equivalent to the 'Dottorato di Ricerca' established by Presidential Decree No. 382 of 11 July 1980.

  • Luxembourg

The title of Doctor of the EUI must be registered with the 'Commission des Titres' at the National Education Ministry.

  • Malta

The Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) is the competent body within the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority that recognises qualifications against the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Applications for a ‘Statement of Recognition of Qualifications’ issued by EUI can be submitted to MQRIC.

  • Netherlands

The Decree of 15 May 1985 of the Minister for Education and Science stipulates that the title of Doctor may be used in the Netherlands by Dutch subjects who hold the Institute's doctorate.

  • Portugal

Law No. 93/96 of 15 July 1996 that recognised the Institute's doctorate as equivalent to the Portuguese doctorate was replaced by the Decree Law DL 66/2018 (article 5, no. 2) - wich provides that EUI doctoral and Master's degrees are subject to an automatic recognition procedure. This procedure is merely administrative and is initiated upon request of the interested party through any University, Higher Education entity, or the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) (articles 12 to 16 of DL 66/2018). The degree holder (or his/her legal representative) is responsible for initiating the recognition process either through any University, any other Higher Education entity, or through the Directorate General for Higher Education (, +351213126000), and must present his/her EUI diploma, as well as an identity document.

  • Romania

The National Center for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas (CNRED) recognises the documentation of higher education studies issued by the EUI.


E-mail: [email protected]  

  • Slovakia

The Bologna level of EUI qualifications is automatically recognised in a fast-track procedure. Application must be made to the recognition authority, the Centre for Recognition of Diplomas (ENIC-NARIC Slovakia).

Email: [email protected]



  • Slovenia

The law of July 22, 2022, Article 22 (3) recognises a doctorate obtained at the EUI as equivalent to a doctorate obtained at Slovenian accredited higher education institutions.

  • Spain

By Royal Decree No. 823/1989 of 7 July 1989, the Institute doctorate was officially recognised as equivalent to the doctorate conferred by a Spanish university on the basis of Royal Decree No. 185/1985 of 23 January 1985 (BOE No. 164 of 11 July 1989). Amended and reconfirmed with Royal Decree No. 861/2010 of 10 July 2010.


Page last updated on 13 April 2023

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