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Doctor Honoris Causa of the EUI

The degree of Doctor Honoris Causa of the EUI is awarded annually to distinguished scholars who have considerably contributed during their academic career in the field of economics, law, political and social sciences, and history and civilization.

Nominations are approved by the Academic Council of the EUI. The honorary doctorate is awarded at the Degree Conferring Ceremony which takes place every year in June in Florence. 


Recipients of Doctor Honoris Causa Degrees


  • Kathleen Thelen, American political scientist
  • Jürgen Osterhammel, German historian


  • Claudia Goldin, American economist
  • András Sajó, Hungarian lawyer


  • Michelle Perrot, French historian
  • Iván Szelényi, Hungarian-American sociologist


  • Jean Tirole, French economist
  • Gertrude Lübbe-Wolff, German lawyer


  • Saskia Sassen, American sociologist
  • Carlo Ginzburg, Italian historian


  • Marek Safjan, Polish lawyer
  • Jacques Delors, French economist and politician


  • Richard Rose, American political scientist
  • Jürgen Kocka, German historian
  • Sabino Cassese, Italian lawyer


  • John H. Jackson, American lawyer
  • Thomas J. Sargent, American economist
  • Fritz W. Scharpf, German political scientist


  • Gesine Schwan, German political scientist
  • Maria Todorova, Bulgarian historian


  • Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, French historian
  • Ágnes Heller, Hungarian philosopher
  • Sir Anthony B. Atkinson, British economist


  • Renate Mayntz, German sociologist
  • Jacques H. Drèze, Belgian economist
  • Albert O. Hirschmann, German-American economist



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