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SPSS Software Phase-out

Posted on 14 December 2011

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Service carried out an evaluation of what types of research software are used and  how often. The purpose was to identify whether its investments should be directed towards new and more highly demanded research software products. 

The results showed that the SPSS software could progressively be phased out, and Stata -- an equivalent software tool already available in the computer rooms -- used in its place. 

After discussing the issue with the research committee for computing matters (RICT) it was decided to discontinue SPSS (and AMOS) as from April 2012 and to point new users needing statistical software towards the program Stata (which, version 12 available February 2012, will include a module with functionality equivalent to AMOS). 

Consequently, SPSS and AMOS will not be available on computer room PCs after April 2012.

Current SPSS users will continue to be supported until then, though they are encouraged to move to Stata, transferring  their SPSS data via StatTransfer. 

Stata and StatTransfer are available in the computer rooms, on Windows-based office PCs (on request) and remotely via both Citrix and CASPUR.

Users needing assistance should contact the Research Software Tutors for Stata.

For further information you may also contact your Site Office.