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ICT User Support Offices

ICT User Support provides for first level support for the EUI ICT infrastructure, which includes computer room/office desktop PCs, EUI service laptops and mobiles, standard software and services like EUI email, networking and remote computing. It liases directly with second level ICT support (service administrators) and/or technical units belonging to other Services in charge (Communications, Library, etc.) whenever necessary.

ICT User Support Offices are manned by an officer in charge while some are manned with one or more technicians too (see further below for details).

ICT User Support Offices are available in most buildings and are open In Term within 8.30-18.00, Monday-Friday (check ICT Service Office Hours for full details).

All phone calls are taken by the centralised EUI Helpdesk operators who will dispatch to the local ICT User Support Offices accordingly.

Please Note: any tickets submitted via EUI Helpdesk outside office hours will be dealth with during next office hours.

You should ONLY use the contact details below to request support as these are constantly monitored by IT User Support staff even if named staff below are absent.


Please Note: any requests for support sent to personal email addresses of the support staff or User Support mail addresses will NOT be dealt with!


If you are unsure which ICT User Support Office you should refer to, please see  Which ICT User Support Office Should I Contact?




Badia Fiesolana Area (building codes BF, PAB, PDM, SF, VPA)

Badia User Support Office

  • Support for users in:
    • Badia Fiesolana (BF)
    • EUI Flats (PAB and PDM)
    • Villa Sanfelice (SF),
    • Villa Paola (VPA)
  • Academic and Administrative Units:
    • Library
    • Max Weber Programme (MWP)
    • SPS Department
    • Academic Service
    • Budget & Financial Affairs
    • Communications Service
    • EUI Flats (Ponte alla Badia and Pian di Mugnone)
    • Office of the President
    • Office of the Secretary General
    • Real Estate & Facilities Service
  • ICT User Support Officer:
    • Maxell Fox (Academic Units), assisted by one User Support Technician
    • Dario Fantini (Administrative Units and EUI Flats), assisted by one User Support Technician
  • Contacts:
    • Phone ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600
    • Offices BF147 (canteen area, next to the lift)

Convento di San Domenico (building code SD)

Convento User Support Office

  • Support for users in:
    • Convento di San Domenico (SD)
  • Administrative Units:
    • Budget & Financial Affairs (Research Adnministration)
    • Human Resources
    • Language Centre
  • ICT User Support Officer :
    • Alessandro Barucci, manning the desk remotely
  • Contact:
    • Phone ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600
    • Office VF044 (Villa La Fonte)
    • Office SD053 (Second Floor), on appointment only

Villa La Fonte (building codes VF and VFD)

La Fonte User Support Office

  • Support for users in:
    • Villa La Fonte (VF)
    • Dependance (VFD)
  • Academic Unit:
    • ECO Department
  • ICT User Support Officer:
    •  Alessandro Barucci
  • Contact:
    • Phone ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600
    • Office VF044 (Second Floor)

Villa Il Poggiolo (building codes VP and TP)

Il Poggiolo User Support Office

  • Support for users in
    • Villa Il Poggiolo (VP)
    • Tipografia (TP)
  • Administrative Units:
    • Accounting Service
    • ICT Service
    • Internal Audit Office
    • Print Shop 
  • ICT User Support Officer:
    • VACANT (please refer to Helpdesk instructions)
  • Contact:
    • Phone ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600
    • Office VP067 (Third Floor, EUI Helpdesk office)

Villa Salviati (building codes SA-CA, SA-IP and SA-MN)

Salviati User Support Office

  • Support for users in:
    • Villa Salviati Castello (SA-CA)
    • Ipogeo (SA-IP)
    • Manica (SA-MN)
  • Academic and Administrative Units:
    • Academy of Law
    • HEC Department
    • Historical Archives of the EU (HAEU)
    • LAW Department
  • ICT User Support Officer :
    • Tommaso Gambassi, assisted by one User Support Technician
  • Contact:
    • Phone ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600
    • Office SA-MN280 (Manica Entrance)

Villa Schifanoia Area (building codes VS, CA, VM, VR and VL)

Schifanoia User Support Office

  • Support for users in:
    • Villa Schifanoia (VS)
    • Casale (CA)
    • Villa Malafrasca (VM)
    • Villa Raimondi (VR)
    • Villino (VL)
  • Academic and Administrative Units:
    • Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS)
    • Crèche
  • ICT User Support Officer:
    • Michele Passiatore
  • Contact:
    • Phone ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600
    • Office LI001 (Orangerie behind Cappella conference room)


Page last updated on 23 September 2020

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