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Parallel Computing (HPC)

A small in-house High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster is available to EUI members in order to run jobs in parallel mode.


Research Software:

  • MatLab R2016a
  • Stata 15 MP
  • R
  • Julia

Serial Compilers and Prgramming Langauages:

  • gcc
  • g++
  • gfortran
  • Python

To be able to access the EUI Cluster, you need first to request an account via EUI Helpdesk, including both your campus affiliation and a brief statement of your research interests for using the HPC cluster.

The EUI HPC cluster can be accessed in two modalities:

  • command prompt: via any SSH Terminal such as PuTTY (available on Computer Room PCs), WinSCP  or Xming
  • graphical user interface (GUI): by pointing your preferred browser to

    Please Note: in bothe the above cases, while off-campus, you will need to authenticate via VPN first!

Training on how to access and use (the software on) the EUI Cluster is provided exclusively by the relevant Research Software Tutors.

The rules governing the use of the EUI Cluster are detailed here.

  • Support on how to access and use the cluster is provided by the relevant Research Software Tutors.
  • For technical issues (such as access problems), please contact the EUI Helpdesk.



Page last updated on 09 March 2020

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