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EUI Haiku Competition Winners 2022

Many wonderful Haiku were sent in to this competition 2021/2022. Thank you to everyone who participated.

It was truly difficult to choose a winner, but after much deliberation by our wonderful panel of judges, here they are! Each topic has a winning Haiku, as well as a runner up. 

You can read the winners' names here, as well as the winning poems. 

Then sit down with a cup of tea and read all the other wonderful EUI Haiku written by your friends and colleagues.

Note to the poets: we have only published the names of those who gave us explicit permission. If you recognise your haiku and wish your name to be attached to it, contact [email protected].

And the winners are...!

Life in Italy

First Place: Roberto Larrañaga

Runner up: Anonymous

Your EUI experience

First place: Anonymous

Runner up: Roberto Larrañaga

World affairs

First place: Vigdis Evang

Runner up: Michiel Tegelaars



The winner Haikus

Life in Italy

Tea leaves used to boil,

Filling the room with thick steam.

The moka growls now.

Roberto Larrañaga

Your EUI experience

Lotus flowers bloom

from the dark of garden ponds
where all minds wonder


World affairs

your foot fails to land

between this past and present

a step is missing

Vigdis Evang

Runners up

Life in Italy

A cormorant fans

Wings, dripping on the Arno

Lives, on trains, rush by


Your EUI experience

Hitzen mendiak,

Ez dut irakurri nahi.
Igo ditzagun!


Translation form Basque:

(Mountains of words,

I do not want to read them.

Let's climb them instead!

Roberto Larrañaga



World affairs

East, West, North and South

Are indistinguishable
Fog envelops us

Michiel Tegelaars



Special Mention

Other Haiku received a special mention:

Life in Italy

For its compelling imagery and perspective shift:

A cormorant fans
Wings, dripping on the Arno
Lives, on trains, rush by




Life in Italy

For its depiction of the fleeting nature of human life:

marble, not mirrors
will retain the memory
of pale olive skin


Life in Italy

For its Dionysian celebration of life:

Chianti I sip
Or Montepulciano
In bursts Lambrusco

Shubha Prasad 


Your EUI experience

For its imagery, story, and openness to interpretation:

Glistens the dark ink
as the morning mist retreats –
clamour in the hall.

Federico Diana


World affairs

For the important message of peace it carries with it:

Tensions mounting fast
May Russia and West let go
Antagonisms past

Michael Sanfrey


The process of choosing the winning Haiku 

Your Haiku were judged by a jury of five people from across the EUI community:

  • Deirdre Curtin, Professor, LAW
  • Zala Pavšic, Max Weber Fellow, HEC
  • Belén Rodríguez Moro, PhD researcher, ECO
  • Marcus Hagley, PhD researcher, SPS
  • David Scott, staff member, ICT Service

All the Haiku were rendered anonymous by three members of the Haiku Organising Committee (Nicola Hargreaves, Giulia Rivieri and Takuya Onoda) before being sent to the jury. The other member of the committee, Svitlana Lebedenko and the moderator of the jury, Fergal Treanor, only saw the Haiku after they had been made anonymous.

Each member of the jury read all of the anonymous Haiku, and ranked them within their category. They then met to discuss, debate, and deliberate the Haiku they believed met the criteria of beauty and perceived authenticity. 

Page last updated on 25 March 2022

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