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Academic Literacies and Language Courses

The European University Institute is a multilingual research environment and its Centre for Academic Literacies and Languages (CALL) offers a range of courses and services designed for its members and their different needs during their stay at the EUI. Our mission is to provide language training in oral and written academic communication skills and to facilitate socialising in international academic environments. The EUI CALL is part of the Academic Service.


Who can attend language and academic skills courses offered by the EUI Centre for Academic Literacies and Languages (CALL)?

The CALL courses are open to all members of the EUI, including partners and visiting academics. Please note that the first time you enrol in a language centre course you must show your EUI card to the CALL Assistant. 

Administrative staff members should check Courses for Staff before enrolling in a course.

What languages are offered at the EUI?

The CALL offers courses and individual assistance in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish

We also help organise courses in additional languages.

At the end of a course, you may request a certificate of attendance.

When are courses offered?

The teaching calendar is divided into 4 blocks designed to fit with departmental seminar timetables. Some courses carry on throughout the year. Others are offered for one term only.

CALL Calendar
 Pre-sessional courses September   four weeks
 First term October-December  eight weeks
 Second term January-Easter   ten weeks
 Third term Easter-June  six weeks


What are the regulations for following language courses?

  • Before attending a course you must enrol with the CALL.
  • All fees must be paid before starting a course.
  • You must attend at least 75% of a course.
  • If you fail to attend courses regularly for two terms, you won't be able to follow any more language courses.

  • Where there are an insufficient number of participants, courses may be cancelled.

We ask that you respect these regulations as there are considerable costs involved in setting up a course, including administration, internal and external personnel costs, placement testing, etc. 


Page last updated on 25 August 2023

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