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Planning your language learning at the EUI strategically

One of the reasons that many people give for choosing to do their doctoral research at the EUI is the language learning opportunities provided here.  As well as English and Italian you can learn and/or improve several other languages through both formal (courses) and informal (tandem) channels.

In order to decide how to organise your language learning at the EUI, you need to work out what your goals are for the various languages.  To help you estimate how long it will take you to achieve them, and to help you decide which languages to focus on in which years you need to plan your language learning strategically.  You can print out sample versions and forms to fill in yourselves by going to these links: (1) goals (2) planning your language learning strategically.

Of course, given that goals and plans change, you should revisit them periodically to see what you have achieved, what you still want to achieve, and what new goals you wish to include.

These forms are for personal use – you do not need to show them to anyone – but, of course, if you wish to talk through your plans for language learning at the EUI you may drop in to the Language Centre or contact [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.  



Page last updated on 26 September 2018