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Our Testimonials



The language centre of the EUI offers a wide variety of courses, both to learn languages and to improve skills, such as oral presentations and academic writing.

The "Laboratorio di scrittura in italiano" is a particularly interesting course for those researchers who already know some Italian, because it provides a unique opportunity to improve your writing skills in the tongue of Dante while focusing on non-academc topics. It is a course that stimulates your creativity and allows you to refine your writing style in a friendly atmosphere. It also permits you to become familiar with the most important Italian authors.

PhD Researcher HEC, first year (January 2020)

Language Courses at the EUI: Italian and "Laboratorio di scrittura in italiano"


Learning Italian at the EUI helps with the integration process in Italy. It helps you feel closer to the country hosting us for the PhD. 

Learning languages at the EUI is an opportunity to develop or improve language skills in the context of academia and beyond. It is a good occasion to do something else than research while developping new skills in an enjoyable environment. Language courses at the EUI are adapted to the researchers shedules and their level.

Learning languages at the EUI is fun! Making new friends from different departments and learning with great teaching staff.

PhD Researcher, LAW (June 2019)

Language Courses at the EUI: Italian and German



It is a great opportunity to learn a new language and to use it for work or for creating more interaction with colleagues at the EUI.

Research Associate, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (June 2019)

Language Courses at the EUI: German



I wanted to consolidate my Spanish skills beyond the informal training that I had had. It might also be useful for my career and personal-social development.

Regarding German, I had started a course back home and thought it might be useful for my career to further my German capacities, specially at speaking and listening levels.

As these courses are free for PhD researchers at the EUI and the teachers are rather exceptional, not to do it would be missing a great opportunity.

 PhD Researcher LAW (June 2019)

Language Courses at the EUI: Spanish and German



Learning Italian opened doors that I would never have expected in my carreer in an EU body where I work directly and indirectly with a great many Italians. Being able to have even a casual conversation in another person's mother tongue is a great way of building relationships and is really appreciated in professional circles.

Within EU institutions, being able to read, write and converse in German is important - and becoming ever more important as Brexit looms and the influence of English-speaking countries declines. Speaking German also opens the possibility of working and living in very advanced economies and exciting cities with vibrant international communities such as Berlin, Vienna or Luxembourg.

 Alumnus LAW (May 2019)

Language Courses at the EUI: Italian and German









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