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2019 Badia Works

Monday 15 April

Works begin on the Badia Fiesolana Campus, please read carefully all information related to internal mobility and access restrictions (see also our FAQs section) !

Please note: Phase 2 of refurbishment works will start on Friday 14 June (see below)


In the framework of a series of structural works financed by the Italian Government for the prevention and mitigation of hydrogeological instability (Legislative Decree “Sbloccaitalia” n. 133/2014), major refurbishment works will be carried out on the Badia Fiesolana external grounds, .

These works, coordinated and funded by the Italian Authorities, are planned to last from 15 April to mid-December 2019 and will proceed in stages.

Phase 1 - from 15 April to 13 June 2019

  1. Widening and reinforcement of the internal road from Ponte alla Badia to the upper car parks;
  2. Construction of a new pedestrian path from Ponte alla Badia to the Badia Fiesolana complex;
  3. Reinforcement and refurbishment of P1 & P2 car parks. 



Works Stage 1


Phase 2 - from 14 June to 28 July

  1. Construction of a new pedestrian path from Ponte alla Badia to the Badia Fiesolana complex;
  2. Reinforcement and refurbishment of P2 car park. 


Phase 2 works



Impact on the EUI Community (Phase 2)

  • Access to and departure from the Badia car parks will be possible for all motor vehicles (including scooters) from the Ponte alla Badia gate on the internal driveway. 

  • Pedestrian and bike transit on the internal road from the Ponte alla Badia gate will also be possible and guaranteed.

  • The connecting road from Via Boccaccio 107 will be reserved to pedestrian and bike transit: access/exit to cars and other motor vehicles (including scooters) will be prohibited from 14 June.
  • The EUI shuttle bus will operate according to a new timetable (from 14 June) and the P3 & PAB gate bus stops will be restored.
  • Refurbishment works will be carried out in ONE of the 3 existing parking lots at a time, so as to always have at least 2 of them available for EUI users (P3+P1 or P3+P2). To minimize inconvenience to users some additional spaces in P3 previously reserved for suppliers and EUI vehicles have been opened up for general use.
  • During renovation works on P2 car park, bike stalls, the bike repair station and the scooters' parking area will be moved to P1 below.









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