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Programme Start Date





Villa Schifanoia

Applications are closed, stay tuned for updates.

Programme Description

There are opportunities for established post-doctoral scholars and senior practitioners who work in one of the core research areas of the Robert Schuman Centre to spend some time with us, for example during sabbatical leave or drawing on their own grant funding. The Centre provides Visiting Fellows with access to hot desks and research facilities but does not offer any financial contribution to visiting fellows. The duration of the stay will normally be between two and eleven months. No visitors can be accepted for the month of August.

Before applying applicants should ensure that one of our faculty members supports the application. The name of the sponsor should be inserted in the application form.

For shorter stays, or if no sponsor within the RSC is available, it is possible to request access to the library of the EUI with an application to the Library as external user.

PhD candidates wishing to visit the EUI should not contact the RSC but the relevant teaching department.

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