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European Doctoral Programme (EDP)

The European Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics (EDP) is a programme of doctoral studies in economics organised jointly by:

  • Universit√© Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
  • Paris School of Economics (France)
  • University of Bonn (Germany)
  • European University Institute, Florence (Italy)
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain)

Please note: London School of Economics (LSE) is no longer part of the EDP-network and therefore it is not possible anymore to apply to this institution within the EDP.


  • Tel Aviv University (Israel) as exchange partner within the framework of the existing degree requirements of these institutions.


Its aim is to promote the exchange of doctoral students between these institutions in order for their research training to benefit from the institutions' strenghts in the various areas of quantitative economics.

Each institution offers courses for two years, referred to as the preliminary and advanced year respectively, seminars and research supervision.

Doctoral students participating in the programme do the research work for their dissertation in the institutions of the EDP network. They are required to spend at least 3 months abroad in an EDP institution different from the one where their dissertation will be presented.

The programme focuses on economic theory, mathematical economics, decision and game theory, econometric theory and methodology, empirical econometrics and applied mathematical economics through the coordinated curriculum based on the activities in Barcelona, Bonn, Florence, Louvain-la-Neuve, Paris and Tel-Aviv. It creates the opportunity for students to specialize in almost any major area of quantitative economics, and, at the same time, it allows students to integrate different aspects of economics. Moreover, the EDP offers a unique access to the traditions and current research of these seven institutions.

Once a year all participants in the EDP get together for a two-day meeting called Jamboree, devoted to seminars on special topics and student presentations. The event is organized every year by a different partner institution of the network.

For more info on the European Doctoral Programme, see the official EDP Webpage.

If you are interested to apply, please consult the dedicated Webpage.

EDP Academic Coordinator for the EUI:


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