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Application process

In order to be considered for an exchange in 2024/25, EUI doctoral researchers will be required to submit an application to the relevant academic department by the deadline(see below the departmental deadlines). Once allocated an exchange place, successful applicants are also required to submit an application directly to their host institution.

Below you can find general information about the application process, an indicative timeline and assessment criteria.

Phase 1 – application to the EUI department

As part of the application process, you will be asked to send by email to your department the following:

Departments of Economics, History and Political and Social Sciences

  • Two to three page statement of intent ("work plan") summarizing proposed activity and indicating preferred period and length of stay
  • CV
  • Letter of support from the faculty supervisor

Department of Law

  • Completed the application form (download here)
  • CV
  • Your supervisor should email [email protected] directly with their letter of support.


  • Department of Economics: 4 December
  • Department of History: 4 December
  • Department of Law: 29 November
  • Department of Political and Social Sciences: 1 December

Please note that in order to participate in an exchange, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The application must have the full support of the researcher's supervisor
  2. Applications must be approved by the department
  3. Once approved by the department, they will be submitted by the department to the Institute's Entrance Board for final approval
  4. As successful candidates are nominated in the academic year preceding their intended exchange, they must maintain good progress with their studies and be admitted to the successive year for them to be able to proceed with the exchange
  5. Once accepted on the exchange by the host institution, researchers are expected to participate in the programme. Please note that the host institution retains the right to reject an application

Phase 2 – application to the host institution

Successful applicants will be nominated to their host institution by the International Mobility Officer. Once allocated a place and nominated to the partner institution, applicants be required to submit an application directly to their host institution. The International Mobility Officer will contact you directly to advise you of the next steps once your exchange application has been assessed by your department, if you have been allocated a place.

2024/25 exchange timeline

Late November/early December 2023
EUI researchers to submit their application to the relevant EUI department

Late December 2023
Applications to be reviewed by the relevant department

11 January 2024
EUI departments to inform Academic Service of successful applicants

End January 2024
All exchange applications to be reviewed by the Entrance Board

Early February 2024
Applicants to be informed of the outcome of their application

Mid-February 2024
Applicants must accept or decline their exchange offer

January – April 2024
The International Mobility Officer to nominate successful applicants to their host institution

February – June 2024
Successful applicants to submit their exchange application to their host institution

Assessment criteria for selection

Exchange applications are assessed by the relevant academic department based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the proposed activity for the research
  • Quality of the proposed activity (work plan)
  • Suitability of the selected host institution
  • Personal benefit of the proposed exchange to the applicant

For candidates wishing to undertake an exchange at an institution where the main language is not English, linguistic proficiency in the relevant language may also be considered.


In line with the EUI’s general academic rules and regulations, researchers can appeal against the recommendation of the department and/or against a decision taken by the Entrance Board on non-academic grounds to the Graduate Programme Appeals Committee. For all details regarding appeals procedures, see Chapter 17 of the EUI Academic Rules and Regulations

Page last updated on 04/12/2023

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