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Macroeconomics Seminars

Our seminars are held by world-famous scholars from around the globe

Current Macroeconomics Seminars (2022-2023)

Macroeconomics seminars take place on Wednesdays from 11:00 to 12:15, unless otherwise specified.

Term 1

23 September 2022 (Friday)
Presenter: Schoellman Todd, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Title: Labor Markets during Crises and Shocks

05 October 2022
Presenter: Romain Rancière, University of Southern California
Title: International Diversification, Reallocation, and the Labor Share

19 October 2022
Presenter: Josep Pijoan Mas, CEMFI
Title: Government Procurement and Access to Credit: Firm Dynamics and Aggregate Implications

28 October 2022 (Friday)
Presenter: Moscarini Giuseppe, Yale University
Title: The Job Ladder: Inflation vs. Reallocation

07 December 2022
Presenter: Silvia Sarpietro, University of Bologna
Title: Nonlinear Firm Dynamics

Term 2

1 February 2023
Presenter: Jeanne Commault, Sciences Po
Title: The saving rate along the permanent earnings distribution

08 February 2023
Presenter: Francesco Lippi, Luiss University
Title: Price setting with strategic complementarities as a mean field game

08 March 2023
Presenter: Anmol Bhandari, University of Minnesota
Title: A Theory of Business Transfers 

29 March 2023
Presenter: Jonathan Heathcote, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Title: The End of Privilege: Reexamining the US Net Foreign Asset Position

Term 3

05 April 2023
Presenter: Tomohiro Hirano, Royal Holloway London
Title: Necessity of Rational Asset Price Bubbles in Two-Sector Growth Economies

19 April 2023
Presenter: Luigi Bocola, Stanford University
Title: The Macroeconomics of Trade Credit

31 May 2023
Presenter: Raquel Fonseca, Université de Québec à Montréal
Title: The Tinbergen Race: Education and Technology in Wage Inequality


For the schedule, please consult this page.

Term 1

24 September 2021
Presenter: Jesus Bueren, European University Institute
Title: Over-drilling: Local Externalities and the Social Cost of Electricity Subsidies in South India

01 October 2021
Presenter: Basile Grassi, Bocconi University
Title: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Markup Estimation

22 October 2021
Presenter: Axelle Ferriere, Paris School of Economics & EUI
Title: Larger Transfers Financed with More Progressive Taxes? On the Optimal Design of Taxes and Transfers

29 October 2021
Presenter: Diego Comin, Dartmouth College
Title: “Technology Within Firms”

12 November 2021
Presenter: Steven Ongena, University of Zürich
Title: "Too-big-to-strand? Bond versus bank financing in the transition to a low-carbon economy"

26 November 2021
Presenter: Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Title: "Excess of Transfer Progressivity in the Village"

10 December 2021
Presenter: Liangjie Wu, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance
Title: "Brand Reallocation and Market Concentration"

17 December 2021
Presenter: Federica Romei, Oxford University
Title: "Sovereign Default in the Monetary Union"

Term 2

11 February 2022
Presenter: Antonella Trigari, Bocconi University
Title: "Assessing the (De)stabilizing Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions"

4 March 2022
Presenter: Moritz Schularick, Sciences Po
Title: The Anatomy of the Global Savings Glut

25 March 2022
Presenter: Szofia Barany, Central European University
Title: Technological Changes and the Labor Market – A GE Model with Multidimensional Skills

Term 3

22 April 2022
Presenter: Karen Kopecky, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Title: The Downward Spiral

29 April 2022
Presenter: Liu Ernest, Princeton University
Title: Innovation Networks and Innovation Policy

20 May 2022
Presenter: Isaac Baley, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Title: The Macroeconomics of Partial Irreversibility

09 June 2022
Presenter: Aysegül Sahin, University of Texas at Austin
Title: The Dual U.S. Labor Market Uncovered

10 June 2022
Presenter: Virgiliu Midrigan, New York University
Title: Why Are Returns to Private Business Wealth So Dispersed?

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