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Podcasts and Videos of Academic Events

of the Department of History and Civilisation

On this page, you can access audio and video recordings of a selection of events organised by the Department of History and Civilisation throughout the academic years.

Lecture: Blood and Bone, Tears and Oil: Climate Change and Conflict in the Seventeenth-Century Arctic (15/09/2021)

play button Dagomar Degroot (Georgetown University) (audio, 40' 04")


Lecture: Pandemics, Health and the Demographic Divergence (01/09/2021)

play button Chinmay Tumbe (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad) (audio, 40' 04")

Lecture: Political Economy and Sugar Business in the British Empire: Mauritius Miracle Postponed? (21/07/2021)

play button  Karolina Hutkova (London School of Economics) (audio, 50' 16")


Lecture: Connecting New England’s Ecology to the Caribbean Sugar Economy, 1650s-1770s (07/07/2021)

play button Strother E. Roberts (Bowdoin College) (audio, 38' 33")


Lecture: Credit practices and financial intermediation in an Ancien Regime Hispanic American economy (24/06/2021)

play button  Martín Wasserman (CONICET)


Lecture: Maritime South East Asia and the trouble with actor-based diplomatic history (23/06/2021)

play button Birgit Tremml-Werner (Linnaeus University) (audio, 50' 10")


Lecture: A viceroyalty of silver between two oceans. Peru and the beginnings of Global History (10/06/2021)

play button Margarita Suárez (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)


Lecture: Whatever happened to the spiritual economy in colonial Spanish America? (20/05/2021)

play button Kathryn Burns (University of North Carolina) (audio, 38' 06")


Lecture: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: images of the Other in the Ukrainian memory and history (12/05/2021)

play button Georgiy Kassianov (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) (audio, 40' 26")


Lecture: Learning About Jewish Destruction from the Newspaper Pravda (28/04/2021)

play button Diana Dumitru (Ion Creangă State University of Moldova) (audio, 39' 31")


Lecture: Travels in Space and Time (31/03/2021)

play button Bruce Buchan (Griffith University)  (audio, 49' 54")


Lecture: What's left of the Polish Left  (20/01/2021)

play button  Tom Junes (Marie Curie Fellow, EUI) (audio, 39' 54")

Conference: Final Conference of the ERC PanEur1970s Project (2-3-4/12/2019)

play button Federico Romero (EUI), Socialism between Détente and Globalization (audio, 19' 02")

play button Angela Romano (EUI), Pan-Europe: a Continental Space of Cooperation(s) (audio, 23' 18")

play button Fritz Bartel (Texas A&M University), The Triumph of Broken Promises: Oil, Finance, and the Fall of Communism (audio, 37' 20")

play button Lukas Dovern (Stanford University), The Local Dimension of Global Finance: Poland and the World in the long 1970s (audio, 29' 10")


Lecture: Communication and Commerce: Ferdinand Columbus Catalogues and the Early Modern Economy of Knowledge (27/11/2019)

play button José Maria Perez Fernandez (University of Granada) (audio, 49' 55")


Lecture: The Troubles of Global Civitas: Immigration, Segregation, and Convivencia in Colonial Manila, 1580-1700 (13/11/2019)

play button  Ryan Crewe (University of Colorado, Denver) (audio, 1h 10' 17")


Ursula Hirschmann Lecture: Gender/sex Identity is in the Body. How did it get there? (05/11/2019)

youtube button  Anne Fausto-Sterling (Nancy Duke Lewis Professor Emerita, Brown University) (video, 30' 10")

Lecture: Defining "Religion" and "Polytheism" in the Study of Ancient Religions (12/06/2019)

play button Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge (Collège de France) (audio, 56' 40")


Lecture: Rumour and Manliness between Mughal India and Habsburg Hiberia (29/05/2019)

play button Jorge Flores (EUI) (audio, 51' 40")


Lecture: Dialogues and Silences in Oral and Visual Stories (21/02/2019)

play button Luisa Passerini (Professor Emerita, EUI) (audio, 1h 33' 18")


Lecture: Non-Alignment as an Alternative Vision to the Superpower Cold War (20/02/2019)

play button Lorenz Luthi (McGill University) (audio, 57' 07")


Lecture: Le Moyen Orient comme Systeme Politique (10/12/2018)

play button Henry Laurens (College de France) (audio, 1h 04' 54")


Ursula Hirschmann Lecture: From Gendering Management to Managing Gender (22/11/2018)

play button Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic (SciencesPo, Paris) (audio, 57' 58")


Lecture: Microhistory and Fascism: Everyday Life and Violence in the Post-War Period (21/11/2018)

play button John Foot (University of Bristol) (audio, 57' 04")


Lecture: Late Stalinism: the Aestethics of Politics (31/10/2018)

play button Evgeny Dobrenko (University of Sheffield) (audio, 50' 51")


Roundtable Discussion: A History of Division and Inequality in Britain from 1900 to the Present (16/10/2018)

 youtube button  Pat Thane (King's College London) (video, 28' 15")

Lecture: Collapse of the Left in Europe (19/4/2018)

youtube button André Burguière (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris) (video, 29' 12")


Lecture: Structuralism and Ontology: An Anthropological Journey (4/5/2018)

youtube button Philippe Descola (Collège de France) (video, 1h 04' 08")


Lectures: Travels, Ethnology, and Natural History (15/3/2018)

play button Henrique Leitão (University of Lisbon) and Joan Pau Rubiés (Pompeu Fabra University) (audio, 1h 08' 50")


Book presentation: A Short History of European Law. The Last Two and a Half Millennia (20/2/2018)

play button Tamar Herzog (Harvard University) (audio, 48' 12")


Workshop: Is There Space in Cities for State Building? (8/2/2018)

play button Keynote speech: Manuel Herrero Sánchez (University Pablo de Olavide), Urban Revolts and models of Sovereignty. The Memory of the Dutch Revolt in the political decision-making of the Hispanic monarchy during the XVIIth century (audio, 53' 08")

play button Session 1: Extra-European and overseas territories. Shaping agents and strategies - presentations by Jorge Díaz Ceballos (University Pablo de Olavide), Nazli Songülen (EUI) and Irene María Vicente Martin (EUI) (audio, 30' 47")

play button Session 2: Between trust and coercion. Fiscal and credit systems in a comparative scope - presentations by Íñigo Ena Sanjuán (EUI), Alberto Sánchez Camacho (EUI) and Juan Manuel Castillo Rubio (University Pablo de Olavide) (audio, 41' 23")


Lecture: Enlightenment, Catholicism, and a Central European "Jeu d’échelles". Maximilian Hell and Jesuit Science in an Age of Accommodation (6/12/2016)

play button László Kontler (Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI) (podcast 1h 04' 39")


Lecture: Republicanism in Russia: Community Before and After Communism (5/12/2017)

play button Oleg Kharkhordin (European University at St.Petersburg) (podcast 1h 01' 11")


Lecture: Governing the Uncertain: Knowledge Production on Shale Gas at Various Political Levels (29/11/2017)

play button Aleksandra Lis (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan) (podcast 48' 48")


Lecture: Adriatic Perspectives: Memory and Identity on a Transnational European Periphery (29/11/2017)

play button Borut Klabjan (Marie Curie Fellow, EUI) (podcast 51' 30")


Lecture: Modern Europe, c.1760s-2000. A Transnational History (12/10/2017)

play button Bernhard Struck (Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI and University of St Andrews) (podcast 49' 54")


Conference: The Peripheries of the European Revolutionary Process(es), 1917-23 (5-7/10/2017)

play button Steve Smith (University of Oxford), The Russian Revolution: A Hundred Years On (podcast 59' 49")

play button  Robert Gerwarth (University College Dublin), Bolshevism and the European Counter-Revolution, 1917-1939 (podcast 37' 21")


HEC Inaugural workshop (3-5/10/2017)

play button Gert Oostindie (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies), Colonial History in Postcolonial Europe: A Past that Will Not Go Away (podcast, 51' 02")

Workshop: "Collecting the World". Forum on Hans Sloane (26/6/2017)

play button James Delbourgo (Rutgers University) (podcasts, 1h 03' 49")


Book presentation: The Restless Clock. A History of the Centuries-Long Argument Over What Makes Living Things Tick (22/6/2017)

play button Jessica Riskin (Stanford University) (podcast, 54' 40")


Workshop: The Author – Wanted, Dead or Alive. New perspectives on the concept of authorship, 1700-1900 (5-6/6/2017)

play buttonJ. P. McDermott (Cambridge University), Off the Pedestal? Authorship in China, 1800-1950 (podcast, 1h 09' 33")

play buttonWill Slauter (Université Paris Diderot), Does News Have an Author? The Recurring Debate over Copyright for News (podcast, 49' 25")


Lecture: Imperial/Tsarist Space of Power in Russia, 1990s-2010s (24/5/2017)

play button Ekaterina Boltunova (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) (podcast, 35' 14")


Ursula Hirschmann Lecture: Capital, Care and Progressive Neoliberalism: A Feminist Dialogue (16/3/2017)

play button Nancy Fraser (The New School for Social Research, New York) (podcast, 1h 01' 58")


Lecture: Freudianism and the 20th Century Left (15/3/2017)

play button Eli Zaretsky (The New School for Social Research, New York) (podcast, 51' 57")


Lecture: How to Represent Conflicts on the Politics of Nature? (14/2/2017)

play button Bruno Latour (SciencesPo, Paris) (podcast, 54' 36")


Lecture: Early Modern European Knowledge about the World as a Globe: Questions in Current History and Historiography of Science (9/2/2017)

play button Antonella Romano (EHESS, Paris) (podcast, 1h 02' 32")


Lecture: Ming China disintegrated. The Chances and Pitfalls of the Global View (6/2/2017)

play button Dagmar Schäfer (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) (podcast 48' 39")


Lecture: Memory of an occupation. My Grandmother’s Work for the Allied Control Council in Vienna 1945-1949 (30/1/2017)

play button Dina Gusejnova (University of Sheffield) (podcast, 41' 14")


Conference: Economic Issues of the Early Modern Period. Business Enterprises, Spaces, Markets (24-26/11/2016)

play buttonPresentations by Luca Molà, Dieter Schlenker and Christa Von Salviati; Mathieu Arnoux; Jacques Bottin; Maddalena Taglioli; Kurt Weissen; David Igual Luis; Serena Galasso; Mathieu Harsch; Clément Lenoble; Sophie Desrosiers; Mathieu Arnoux and Franco Franceschi; Dominique Cardon and Ingrid Houssaye Michienzi; Sophie Desrosiers and Suzanne Lassalle; Joana Sequeira; Ingrid Houssaye Michienzi; Agnès Pallini-Martin; Romain Saffré; Jim Bolton and Francesco Guidi Bruscoli; Jacques Bottin. (podcasts)


Lecture: After Serfdom and Slavery. Intellectual Legacies and Cultural Memories (25/10/2016)

play button Irina Prokhorova (New Literary Observer) (podcast 1h 34' 12")


Lecture: The Material Self: A History of Humans and Things, Fifteenth-Century to the Twenty First (5/10/2016)

play button Frank Trentmann (Birkbeck College London) (podcast, 1h 03' 55")

Ursula Hirschmann Lecture: Notorious RBG (2/2/2016)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (US Supreme Court Justice)

youtube button Lecture (video, 1h 55' 05")

youtube button EUI Interview (video, 14' 15")


Lecture: Une histoire de l'histoire culturelle (28/9/2015)

play button Giovanni Levi (Universitá Ca' Foscari, Venezia) (podcast, 48' 14")


Conference: The Author's Hand and Printer's Mind (17-18/9/2015)

play button Roger Chartier (Collège de France), Closing speech (podcast, 58' 47")

Conference: The Long Global Crisis c.1912-c.1922 (2-3/6/2014)

play button Laura Downs (EUI), Women, work and the transformation of state society relations during the First World War (podcast 46' 50")

play button Robert Gerwarth (University College Dublin), The Vanquished: Europe and the Aftermath of the Great War (podcast 40' 01")

Colloquium: Partitions and the Making of Peoples (7/12/2011)

youtube button Omer Bartov (Brown University) and Jannis Panagiotidis (EUI) (video, 1h 06' 35")


Colloquium: War and Genocide in Eastern Europe: External and Internal Violence in an Interethnic Community, 1914-1924 (2/11/2011)

youtube button Dirk Moses and Alanna O'Malley (EUI) (video, 1h 07")


Lecture: Models of Mediterranean Modernity: The Perspective from the Longue Durée (3/10/2011)

youtube buttonEdmund Burke III (Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI) (video, 48' 49")

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