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Professors, Ph.D. researchers and fellows of the Department of History and Civilization form a vibrant intellectual community of study interactions and work exchanges.

Research in this stimulating environment is defined by themes and perspectives from the distinctive departmental research profile; a variety of specific research projects; the key research interests of the faculty members; working groups established and managed by PhD researchers; workshops, lectures, colloquia and conferences where questions are shared and contextualized within a broader scholarly framework; a wide range of publications, including working papers, articles, essays and books.

Several tools and facilities support departmental research activities: the EUI Library, where a team of experienced librarians and IT specialists manages a large collection of books, journals and digital resources; the EUI Language Centre, which offers language and academic writing skills courses; exchange programmes with the top universities of Europe, the United States, China and Russia; specialized research tools for Historians, including the European History Primary Sources portal.

Research profile

Departmental research themes and perspectives

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Research projects

Specific research projects

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Working groups

established and managed by PhD researchers

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Faculty members

The key research interests of the faculty members

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The Department offers a distinctive four-year Ph.D. programme of transnational and comparative European history supported by a uniquely international and multicultural faculty.

Teaching is in English but linguistic diversity is encouraged in all our activities. A variety of Departmental, Research and Training seminars is offered within the Department and the Academic Service provides training tailored for the academic and professional development of researchers.

The PhD Programme

Structure of the doctoral programme

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Offered within the Department and at the EUI

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Academic and professional development

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