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Academic and Professional Development

The Academic Service provides courses, training sessions and activities for Ph.D. researchers geared towards their academic and professional development. Some courses may be helpful throughout the Ph.D. programme whereas others aim to support research, help develop scholarly practices, build a portfolio of transferable skills and smoothen the transition to the job market.

These activities complement the support provided by the Language Centre, the Library and the Departments.


The following workshops are organised on a regular basis:

The Research Skills seminars organised by the Library (Library information literacy sessions) may be found here.

The following workshops and courses are organised on a regular basis:

Teaching Placements are offered in universitites in Italy and abroad.

The Research Skills seminars organised by the Library (Library information literacy sessions) may be found here.

The following workshops and information sessions are organised on a regular basis:

Mock interviews for academic positions can be organised on demand. Please contact [email protected] to book a mock interview or for further information.

EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) Competition Preparation

The Academic Service offers financial support to PhD researchers who prepare EPSO competitions. Information may be found here [EUI Login required].

Academic and non-academic job portals

Please note that your department might offer a regular newsletter with job offers in your discipline. In case you do not receive this newsletter or would like to receive the newsletter of another department, please contact the administrative coordinator of the respective department.

You also might want to consider to subscribe to mailing lists or twitter accounts of disciplinary organisations (e.g. European Consortium for Political Research, American Historical Association).

Academic Job Portals

Non-Academic Job Portals

International Research Funding opportunities

A list of International Research Funding opportunities.

Academic Careers Observatory

The Academic Careers Observatory (ACO), run by the Max Weber Programme, is an online resource for Ph.D. candidates, post-doctoral fellows and early career scholars providing information on academic careers by country, discipline and theme, and links to research opportunities in Europe, job platforms and a list of funding opportunities (Applying for a Post-doc and Applying to the ERC Starting Grant).

The Observatory is not an academic career advice service but helps you clarify your ideas about different career options.

Information on Social Networks

You might want to consider to request membership of the LinkedIn group H2020 MARIE CURIE Actions" Fellowship & Research Grants, PhD Careers and R&D Jobs providing information on fellowships and research grants within the EU’s Horizon 2020 (you need to have a LinkedIn profile to join).

Quick access to:

Upcoming events at a glance

To register, please use the My EUI Portal if not otherwise specified for each session.

Resilience in Academia
Tuesday, 21 November, 14:00-16:00

Cappella (Villa Schifanoia) and online

Academic positions in France – Online information session with Q&A
Friday, 24 November, 14:30 to 15:30
Online on Zoom

Public Speaking
Thursday, 30 November, 15:30-17:30
Friday, 1 December, 11:00-13:00
Seminar room 3, Badia
This is a two-part workshop taking place in person

Teacher Training - January
Workshops: 22 to 26 January 2024
Micro-teaching sessions: 31 January & 1 February
Cappella, Villa Schifanoia
(For PhD researchers in their 3rd year and above)


Page last updated on 09/11/2023

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