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About the Department of Law

At the Department of Law we are committed to the study of law in a comparative and contextual manner, with a special focus on European and international law.

Courses and seminars are interactive, research-oriented and designed to cover the main subject areas of the Department’s work.

Researchers gain experience in presenting their work, and are encouraged to participate in conferences, workshops and the Department's very active Working Groups.

Our researchers study the challenges facing European law, public international law and private law, with PhD opportunities across social, cultural, political and economic topics. Doing your PhD at the Department of Law is an invaluable opportunity.

Close supervision, open access to seminars and active working groups ensure a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge, which will help shape your research and develop your intellectual independence.

World-famous scholars and leaders in their field visit our Department each year to carry out research and to present and discuss their work. Our PhD researchers further develop their skills and understanding through access to these experts.

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    Joanne Scott

    Head of Department

    Department of Law

    Full-time Professor

    Department of Law

    Co-Director of the Academy of European Law

    Academy of European Law

Page last updated on 16/05/2023

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