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Careers In Law

Or professional life after a PhD at the EUI

A PhD in Law at the EUI opens many doors, especially in the academic field.

Current Employment of Law alumni

  • 60% : Academic
  • 11% : Law Firm
  • 7% : EUI institution
  • 6% : National Admin./Gov
  • 6% : Research Other
  • 5% : International Org./NGO
  • 3% : Private Sector
  • 1% : Judicial Position/ Clerkship
  • 1% : Other

Academic careers in law can be highly rewarding, allowing individuals to contribute to the development of legal scholarship, impact policy, and shape the legal profession's future. While the path to becoming a law professor can be challenging and competitive, the rewards can be substantial for those who are passionate about the law and committed to excellence in teaching and scholarship.

The Academic Service is offering a series of careers planning presentations, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of EUI colleagues with experience in Higher Education in a range of European countries. Each speaker shares their insights into academic career opportunities in their country and answers questions. An agenda of upcoming sessions can be found here.

The Academic Service also organise mock interviews for academic positions on demand. The interviews are run by Dr. Jeanette Lilley, Teaching and Learning Officer, if necessary in collaboration with a faculty member specialised in the legal discipline of the interviewee.

An Academic Careers Observatory (ACO) created by the Max Weber Programme also tries to facilitate the diffusion of knowledge among young researchers about national academic careers and research opportunities in the social sciences and humanities, throughout Europe and beyond. The ACO also provides good information about different academic careers by country.

Main websites for academic jobs: 

Further sites that have fairly wide international scope are: 

Postdocs opportunities can be found on the aforementioned sites but for specific posts see also: 

Career Tips

Page last updated on 15/05/2023

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