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Core Team and Members of the Decolonising Initiative WG

Members (2022-2023)

  • Friedrich Ammermann (HEC researcher)
  • Saniya Amraoui (LAW researcher)
  • Gildelen Aty-Biyo (HEC researcher)
  • Jan Blonski (HEC researcher)
  • Jadé Botha (LAW researcher)
  • Daphné Budasz (HEC researcher)
  • Amber Burbidge (HEC researcher)
  • Ben Carver (Language Center)
  • Susi Forderer (LAW researcher)
  • Benno Gammerl (HEC professor)
  • Victoria Garin Gimenez(LAW researcher)
  • Laura Gorriahn (SPS visiting researcher)
  • Mary Greenshields (Library)
  • Maxime Guttin (HEC researcher)
  • Nicki Hargreaves (Language Center)
  • Martijn Hesselink (LAW professor)
  • Eoghan C. Hussey (HEC researcher)
  • Patrícia Jerónimo (RSCAS Jean Monnet Fellow)
  • Enise Seyda Kapusuz (HEC researcher)
  • Gözde Kilic (HEC Max Weber Fellow)
  • Michele Krech (LAW Max Weber Fellow)
  • Revital Madar (LAW Max Weber Fellow)
  • Tina Magazzini (Research Associate RSCAS)
  • Kalypso Nicolaidis (STG professor)
  • Ruth Nirere Gbikpi (Library)
  • Fartun Mohamed (HEC researcher)
  • Justine Muller (LAW researcher)
  • Irina Muñoz (LAW researcher)
  • Ophelia Nicole-Berva (SPS researcher)
  • Anna Orinski (HEC researcher)
  • Anastasia Prokhorova (SPS researcher)
  • Siobhan Smith (HEC researcher)
  • Nora Söderberg (SPS researcher)
  • Mara Solino (HEC researcher)
  • Lucy Riall (HEC professor)
  • Rachel Trode (HEC researcher)
  • Ryan Unks (Visiting Fellow RSCAS)
  • Raghavi Viswanath (LAW researcher)
  • Carla Vitantonio (Policy leader fellow STG)
  • Gabriele Wadlig (LAW Max Weber Fellow)
  • Khalil West (HEC researcher)
  • Dario Willi (HEC researcher)

Coordinators (2022-2023)

  • Daphné Budasz
  • Amber Burbidge
  • Ophelia Nicole-Berva
  • Siobhan Smith

Page last updated on 02/05/2023

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