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A list of our activities


Besides the organisation of events (lecture, workshops etc.), the Decolonising Initiative is engaged in activities that aims to improve the academic environment and the curriculum at the EUI. We strive to provide support for members of the community facing ethnically and racially based discrimination.
Another goal of the Decolonising Initiative’s activities is to trigger a reflection process regarding knowledge production and pedagogical methods from a decolonial perspective.

Monthly meeting and discussion group Monthly meeting and discussion group

POC sub-group POC sub-group

Decolonising seminar reading list Decolonising seminar reading list


The Decolonising Initiative set up a group library (on Zotero) in order to share textual resources on the idea and practise of decolonisation and decoloniality in the field of humanities.

 If you wish to access and/or contribute to the DI Zotero Group Library please contact [email protected]

Page last updated on 27/04/2022

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