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Interdisciplinary Research Clusters

Cross-campus interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration that focus on six interrelated themes of high societal interest.

The Interdisciplinary Research Clusters are supported by the EUI as sites for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration.

They raise awareness within the EUI community of scholars’ specific expertise and interests, fostering interactions within and beyond the clusters themselves. They promote effective policy-relevant research, something that thrives on insights and solutions from multiple disciplines.

The themes of the clusters address challenging issues that are vital to academic research and societies at large, and closely aligned with the CIVICA research focus areas (external link).

While the various activities within the clusters will be focused on research, they will also ultimately inform teaching activities.


  • Transnational Democracy
  • Environment
  • Technological Change and Society
  • Crisis of Expertise
  • Inequality
  • Decentering Eurocentrism

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Page last updated on 28/02/2023

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