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Neha Jain appointed Dean of Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness

Professor of Public International Law and Co-Director of the Academy of European Law, Neha Jain has been appointed as Dean of Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness. Her distinguished appointment marks the start of this newly established position at the EUI.

07 October 2021


Currently Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee, Professor Neha Jain has been actively involved in the EUI’s commitment to foster and promote an equal and inclusive environment. Now, starting her new position as Dean of Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness at the Institute, she reflects on the role and what it means for the broader EUI community.

“How do you change and shift from an institution and an academic environment that was premised on a one size fits all assumption to one that’s more personalised and caters to the individual in all their complexity?”

Jain remarks that there have been a range of spontaneous bottom-up initiatives at the EUI that examine how we can do better on questions of diversity and equality. With the creation of this new position, the role will further reinforce the EUI’s foundational values and institutional vision of improving diversity and inclusiveness for all.

“We cannot attain excellence unless we have diversity that is engaged at all levels in support of that endeavour”, notes Professor Jain. In her role as Dean, she adds, she is looking forward to exploring “principles and practices that can be put in place to inculcate that sense of collective responsibility.”

The EUI is delighted to welcome Professor Jain in this important position.

Professor Neha Jain: "Diversity and inclusion are at the foundation of the EUI"

Last update: 07 March 2022

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