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Department of Law

We are European and international in character


About the Department of Law

The Law Department provides a stimulating and supportive environment bringing together LLM researchers, doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, professors and visitors from more than 35 countries. In broad terms, members of the Department focus on what can be termed Transnational Law. This includes Public International Law, European Public and Private Law and Comparative Law, but also more amorphous forms of legal ordering that transcend the state in multiple and evolving ways. The Department is methodologically diverse, and professors and researchers adopt many different approaches, including doctrinal, critical, law-in-context, normative, empirical, socio- legal, historical and mixed methods. They frequently draw insights from other disciplines and many researchers undertake research which is theoretical in its orientation.

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Law Department launches a new project on European society

The EUI Law Department together with the Max Planck Institute have set up a new group to explore the potential of the concept of European society to understand, critique, and change the European situation and Europeans' condition.

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Presidents' Panel: A celebration of Bruno De Witte

The EUI PhD programme in Law

Why study Law at the EUI?

Department of Law

Villa Salviati

Pedestrian access: Via Bolognese 156 / Via Faentina 261
Car access: Via Salviati 3B

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