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R4R Commission presents initial recommendations for a post-COVID world

The R4R Commission’s post-COVID policy recommendations rely on research contributions from the ‘STG Resilience Papers’.

10 June 2021

Flags of G7 countries

A few days before the start of the G7 Summit in London, the ‘Reform for Resilience - The Post-Pandemic Policy Commission’ (R4R Commission) has launched its ‘Interim Progress Report’ and its ‘Research Reports’, setting out policy recommendations for the post-COVID world.Commission convener George Freeman speaks of a “Bretton Woods moment for global health economy”. The reports propose a new global framework for ‘healthier growth’. Commission Co-Chair, José Manuel Barroso, stresses that “no country is safe until every country is safe”.The reports reflect the important research input provided by the EUI’s School of Transnational Governance (STG). In its role as the Commission's Europe hub, the STG had earlier this year invited academics from the EUI community and beyond to share their ongoing COVID-related research. All nine ‘STG Resilience Papers’ are published on the Commission’s website. Their main findings indicate that:

  • Multilateralism matters: Initiatives like COVAX and Next Generation EU show it does. The EU should lead by example, and improve governance processes to prepare better for the next health emergency.
  • Improve interface of science and policy making: Science and scientific experts should be better and more systematically integrated in the policy-making process.
  • Communication is key: Fighting disinformation remains a priority to allow vaccination campaigns to succeed, keep populations vigilant regarding preventive measures, and increase trust in public policy-making.Click here for the R4R Interim Report Launch.

Click here for the R4R Interim Report Launch.

Read more about the STG Reform for Resilience Hub and the STG Resilience papers.

(Re-) watch the European COVID Summit organised by the STG R4R Europe Hub in April 2021.

Last update: 29 June 2022

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