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Working group

IRWG - International Relations Working Group

The International Relations Working Group (IRWG) is a network of researchers and scholars based at the EUI who share an interest in International Relations. It is a forum for discussion and exchange among and beyond the EUI community. The members of the IRWG organize lectures, paper presentations, debates on current IR-related issues, and informal feedback sessions on their work in progress. The IRWG gives its members the opportunity to hear and discuss the work of both internal and external IR scholars. The IRWG is a space to exchange views about the development of the IR discipline, as well as to discuss the contemporary events and processes shaping the state of international affairs.

Target group

The IRWG is open to Ph.D. researchers, fellows, visiting scholars and all EUI affiliated persons interested in the discipline of International Relations. In accordance with the interdisciplinary emphasis, the IRWG welcomes researchers and scholars from all departments and bodies of the EUI.


The working group sessions take place once or twice a month for a maximum of two hours. The meetings are not confined to one single format. In past years, the IR working group has hosted very different types of events, including researchers’ and scholars’ presentations of their own work; peer-to-peer sessions supporting the 1st year researchers; and informal meetings with distinguished scholars. Recent guests in these meetings include Prof. Robert Keohane, Prof. Christian Reus-Smith, Prof. Alexander Wendt, Prof. Ayse Zarakol, Prof. Stefano Guzzini and Prof. Peter Katzenstein. The meetings typically consist of a presentation followed by a plenary discussion.

Schedule of Talks, Second Term, Academic Year 2021-2022

  • Tuesday, 24 January, 15:00-17:00 - Senior-year Researchers Presentations; Badia Fiesolana, in-person session.
    • Melanie Sauter - Not a target: Violence against humanitarian aid workers
    • Wolfgang Minati - Legitimation in Civil War: Processes of Legitimation and Governance in Columbia
    • Marius Ghincea - How Strong is the Nuclear Taboo? Experimental Evidence from Romania
  • Tuesday, 8 February, 15:00-17:00, Joshua David Kretzer (Harvard University), Elite Misperceptions and the Domestic Politics of Conflict (paper presentation), on Zoom.
  • Tuesday, 22 February, 16:00-17:00, Roundtable with Anne-Marie Slaughter (New America), Thomas Wright (Brookings Institution), and Stephanie Hofmann (EUI) on the U.S. Foreign Policy Consensus and the Transatlantic Relations, on Zoom.
  • Tuesday, 15 March, 15:00-17:00, Vincent Pouliot (McGill), The Global Politics of Languages, Badia Fiesolana, in-person session.
  • Wednesday, 23 March, joint session with 'Europe in the World Seminar', Simone Dietriech (Geneva), States, Markets, and Foreign Aid, in-person session.

Click here to read about the past events of the International Relations WG (IRWG).


If you would like to join the IRWG, contribute with your own presentation, or just be included in the mailing list, please contact one of the conveners listed below. Any comments, suggestions and ideas are also most welcome.

Marius Ghincea ([email protected])

Jan Lepeu ([email protected])


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