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Working group

IRWG - International Relations Working Group

The International Relations Working Group at EUI offers a lively forum for researchers interested in IR. It promotes discussion through lectures, paper presentations, debates, and informal feedback sessions. Embracing interdisciplinary perspectives, it welcomes participants from all EUI departments. Meetings are held monthly, featuring various formats and distinguished guest speakers.

The International Relations Working Group (IRWG) is a network of researchers and scholars based at the EUI who share an interest in International Relations. It is a forum for discussion and exchange among and beyond the EUI community. The members of the IRWG organize lectures, paper presentations, debates on current IR-related issues, and informal feedback sessions on their work in progress. The IRWG gives its members the opportunity to hear and discuss the work of both internal and external IR scholars. The IRWG is a space to exchange views about the development of the IR discipline, as well as to discuss the contemporary events and processes shaping the state of international affairs.

Target group

The IRWG is open to PhD researchers, fellows, visiting scholars and all EUI affiliated persons interested in the discipline of International Relations. In accordance with the interdisciplinary emphasis, the IRWG welcomes researchers and scholars from all departments and bodies of the EUI.


The working group sessions take place once or twice a month for a maximum of two hours. The meetings are not confined to one single format. In past years, the IR working group has hosted very different types of events, including researchers’ and scholars’ presentations of their own work; peer-to-peer sessions supporting the 1st year researchers; and informal meetings with distinguished scholars. Recent guests in these meetings include Prof. Alexander Wendt, Prof. Ayse Zarakol, Prof. Stefano Guzzini, Prof. Peter Katzenstein and Prof. Nina Hall. The meetings typically consist of a presentation followed by a plenary discussion.


Schedule of Talks, Second and Third Terms, Academic Year 2023-2024


Schedule of Talks, First Term, Academic Year 2023-2024

  • Thursday, 7 December, 16:00-17:30:  Presentation by Veronica Anghel (EU), From Club to Common Resource Pool: Effects of Enlargement and Resource Sharing on International Organisations. Discussed by Waltraud Schelkle (EUI). Badia Fiesolana (Refectory) and Zoom. Register here.

  • Tuesday, 31 October, 14:30-16:00: Presentation by Simon Frankel Pratt (University of Melbourne), Modular Sovereignty and Intelligence Contracting. Discussed by Stefano Guzzini (EUI). Badia Fiesolana (Sala del Capitolo) and Zoom. Register here.


Schedule of Talks, Second and Third Terms, Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Tuesday, 6 June, 16-18: Presentation by Inés Bolaños Somoano (EUI), The Know-How to Rule: Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Orchestration of P/CVE Governance among European Practitioners. Discussed by Kalypso Nicolaidis (Chair in Global Affairs, STG/EUI), Badia Fiesolana (Seminar Room 2) and Zoom. Register here.
  • Tuesday, 23 May, 10:00-12:00, Natalia Tellidou (EUI alumna), Sponsorship relationships in proxy wars. Evolving state strategies in conflicts, Teatro (Badia) and Zoom

  • Thursday, 27 April, 16:00-18:00, Elizabeth Maloba (EUI), Reimaging global security governance, Villa Malafrasca (Seminar Room) and Zoom

  • Wednesday, 22 March, 16:30-18:30 – Two presentations jointly organised with the European Union Studies Working Group, Villa Malafrasca (Seminar Room) and Zoom;
    -Andrea Carlo Martinez (German Historical Institute in Rome), Europe constructed, Europe contested: Italian media responses to the Treaties of Rome.

    -Marius Ghincea (EUI), Zeitenwende. Making Sense of Germany's Ukraine Policy.
  • Thursday 23 February, 16:30-18:30, Christiern Santos Rasmussen (EUI), Russia's strategical alignment of disinformation narratives and Nord Stream 2, Villa Malafrasca (Seminar Room) and Zoom

  • Wednesday 1 February, 16:00-17:30, Inés Bolaños Somoano (EUI), Remote Fieldwork: From a desperate measure to a conscious research design, Badia Fiesolana (Teatro) and Zoom, co-organised with the Qualifie Working Group

Schedule of Talks, First Term, Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Monday, 10 October, 17:00-18:00, Nicolas Mulder (Cornell University), The Economic Weapon: Sanctions and globalisation from the interwar period to today. Joint event with the Political Economy Working Group.

  • Thursday, 6 October, 16:00-18:00, Nina Hall (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies – Europe), Transnational Advocacy in the Digital Era, Think Global, Act Local (book discussion), Sala del Capitolo (Badia Fiesolana) and Zoom. 
  • Friday, 28 September, 16:30-17:00, Sandra Destradi (EUI, Robert Schuman Centre), Theorising populist foreign policy. Joint event with Europe in the World Seminar Series.


To read about the past events of the International Relations WG (IRWG) please click on:

Past events


If you would like to join the IRWG, contribute with your own presentation, or just be included in the mailing list, please email us at [email protected]. Any comments, suggestions and ideas are also most welcome.

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