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Research project

SCUDO - Semantic Clauses Understanding and Detection

SCUDO is a research project financed by the Regione Toscana. It intends to address the challenge of deep automatic comprehension of legal language (Legal Analytics), a particularly complex area, where technical language, often deliberately ambiguous, is difficult to understand even for insiders.

The system will provide an exclusive “robot” (intended as a software service based on artificial intelligence) available both to administrative, technical and juridical experts who work in companies and have to write or verify the clauses of the contracts being processed, and to citizens and consumers, who struggle to understand the clauses they sign when joining or purchasing a service or product. The project aims to create a software able to automatically analyze documents with legal effect, with particular attention to the automatic detection of any surprise clauses, i.e., contractual terms that could not be reasonably expected and that could generate unexpected problems/costs.

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