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Why Choose the EUI

Firm foundations and grants

The EUI offers one of the largest doctoral and postdoctoral programmes in the social sciences in Europe. Our doctoral researchers benefit from four years grants from EU Members States and other states. The Institute is a distinctly international institution, hosting a community of more than 1000 scholars from over 60 countries. The EUI is characterised by its thriving intellectual climate, rich in seminars, conferences, and events, hosting leading academics and policy-makers from around the world.


Research facilities

A first-class research Library offers extensive collections and services supporting advanced European-oriented research. The EUI is home to the Historical Archives of the European Union, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, the Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies and the School of Transnational Governance. The campus is spread over 13 sites, many of which are historical buildings, on the beautiful hills of Fiesole.


First-rate completion and time-to-degree rate

The EUI has very high completion rates. 80 per cent of all students admitted to the Ph.D. programme since 2000 and 83 per cent of those admitted to the second year of study successfully defend their thesis at the EUI.


Excellent career prospects

The EUI offers excellent career prospects. 69 per cent of our alumni are currently employed in academic positions while 12 per cent work in international organisations. Alumni from the ECO department frequently obtain positions in central banks. 31 per cent of all alumni from all cohorts are now employed in senior positions, such as full professor.

Page last updated on 12 September 2019

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